Josiah Tapes

Tape 1 (Transcript)

Further feeding into Patrick’s narcissism and fantasies of fame, someone from the OnaForums registered the domain Patrick was then emailed by a Huffington Post Reporter working on an article featuring Patrick. Patrick gave the “reporter”, Josiah Munoz, his phone number and a phone interview was set up.

Tape 2 (Transcript)

Patrick reveals further details about his court battle against the OnaForums trolls. Notable is Patrick Tomlinson’s disparaging of Judge Stein, who is presiding over his case, the fact that he is filing this lawsuit primarily to bring harm to the parties involved, and Patrick’s declaration that he will defy court orders that he disagrees with (such as paying Quasi101’s court fees in the event that he loses). In addition, contrary to his public declarations, Patrick knows that things are not going well for him that he could very well be looking at a massive L.

Tape 3 (Transcript)

The mole fakes a feud between Quasi101 and SpaceEdge (whom Patrick believes to be IT engineer Rahul Kumar and former police officer Canyon Boykin, respectively). Other forum users, in on the bit, pretend to weigh in on the feud.

Tape 4 (Transcript)

Patrick has been getting some funny WWF-themed text messages lately. Most people would laugh this off and if it got annoying, block/ignore it, but Patrick decided that it belonged in a Huffington Post article characterized as a method of online terrorism.

Tape 5

THE FINALE. About a week prior to this call, Fatrick had sent Josiah several obviously fake voicemail messages left on his phone by “Canyon Boykin”. The original plan was to ghost him for a week, then call him and confront him about all of the fake evidence he had submitted to us and the court. However, Patrick seemed to become paranoid during the ghosting period, and called Josiah out of the blue one morning to say that he would not do anymore interviews without further verification from Huffington Post higher-ups. In addition, Anna from Vice News had also contacted the Mole saying that she heard we were coordinating with a Huffington Post journalist, and asked for details herself. Knowing the jig was up, Josiah gave Patrick one last call, which was recorded here.

The Vice News Interview

Josiah’s call with Anna Merlin of VICE news.