P: Hello

J: Hey Patrick, it’s Josiah again. How are ya?

P: I’m well. Let me step in the back here

J: Sure

P: It’ll be a little quieter. Alright, a little more privacy back here.

J: Perfect. Alright, I understand there’s been a few recent developments that you wanted to talk about.

P: Yeah, I’m not really sure where to start. With regards to your question the other day about them going off on these pro wrestler things. Really what you’ve got to understand with these people there’s really one focus for them at all times. And that is…


I call it performative cruelty. They are simply playing this out to try and extract the most pain and suffering out of the people they are targeting as possible, so that they can then show off and brag about it to the other sociopaths.

J: Right


J: Hey Patrick I don’t hear you very well. Are you sure you’ve got good cellular service where you are? Is that me?



P: Hello?

J: I can hear you now. Can you say that again. You were talking about that they were trying to maximise the performative cruelty and that’s when it got cut off.

P: All I was saying [inaudible]

As a way of buying capital amongst themselves, so they can come back and brag and show off about how they found a new way to hurt somebody. How they found a new way to intimidate or threaten somebody. How they found new ways to inconvenience someone’s life or make them waste time chasing after something. That’s always been the point of this group. They egg each other on to do more of that

J: Right, so you’re saying the WWE stuff is sort of like style points ?

P: Yeah, it’s a bit. They like WWE. They enjoy the idea of being the heal, so they co-opt that sort of language, or that sub culture while they’re showing off to each other. While at the same time harassing me. While at the same time threatening me, trying to intimidate me. All of it.

J: Right, I guess that kind of makes sense. It’s not really something I’ve ever seen before, but it sounds like they’re trying to gain as much pleasure as they possible can out of being cruel to people.


P: That’s all it’s ever been about. That’s how these people get off. They are true sociopaths.

J: Right, it makes sense. Actually if you don’t mind I did have a few questions because I noticed that there’s been an update in the defamation lawsuit. Are you willing to talk about that and give your opinion on that?

P: Yes, it will have to remain off the record for the moment. We still have another hearing coming up in late September.

J: Right, so it looks like you don’t want to talk about that at all?

P: I’m not able to. Not about that particular topic, because it’s an ongoing thing. We have a final hearing in front of another judge, on September 23rd I believe. And that will determine whether we end up owing Rahul Kumar $23000 or more.

J: How do you think its looking right now. Is it looking like you’re going to win this. Is it looking like he’s going to win this? Is it looking about 50:50?

P: To be perfectly honest at this point it doesn’t matter what happens. The money of course matters, but his name is now known due to a number of screwups. And that was the entire point of pushing the subpoena, trying to identify him. We’ve done that now. This no longer matters.


J: Do you think the Judge is going to rule in your favor or Rahul’s favor?

P: Again, I don’t think that’s something I’m able to comment on at this point. Not with the final hearing still on the docket.

J: Ok, you don’t have to talk about anything your lawyers don’t want you talking about of course. And of course I should mention we also have our own lawyers. We put all this past them and if they see this may hurt one of the subjects of our article we wouldn’t put that out there. Just so you know that.

P: I appreciate that, but I try to cover my own bases

J: Right. So a few weeks ago you sent us footage of what was apparently the vandal who vandalised your motorcycle and side of your house?


P: Yes.

J: Is that the only footage that you had of that incident?

P: Yes, the way our security system at our house works it’s able to take clips of up to 30 seconds at a time. By the time he was in camera range he had already finished and ran away

J: So once he got into frame is when the camera turned on, and it only recorded 30 seconds and then it stopped recording, and then it didn’t record while he was vandalising?

P: Yes, that’s correct


J: The reason I bring that up is that some of the higher ups were shown the footage. I’m sure you understand that we have some skeptical readers. Readers who pay very close attention to detail. It’s going to be very difficult for us to show that and say that it’s evidence of vandalism.

P: There was nobody else who was near my bike that night, and as you saw in the pictures from the next morning. That guy was in there from 1:37 in the morning while my wife and I were asleep upstairs. He walked onto our property. He was trespassing on our property the entire time. He walked right up to my motorcycle, holding a small flashlight just before the footage cut off. That man absolutely vandalised my house, and vandalised my motorcycle. There’s absolutely no question about it.

J: Did you have any more footage of the vandal?


P: No at the time we didn’t have a camera at the front that would get the angle on the side of the house to show when he was vandalising along the side there. So we didn’t get him in the act of doing that.

J: I understand. Are there any police incident reports or anything of the vandal that we could possibly reference?

P: Oh Yes.

J: Ok

P: There’s a police report. The police showed up the very next morning, took pictures, dusted for, looked over for prints. There weren’t any prints, but there’s absolutely a police report.

J: Oh you said there weren’t any prints. That’s a shame..


Alright, obviously it’s up to you completely, but if you could send us the incident report numbers that would certainly help. Just because we showed the video to some of the higher-ups, and just based off the video alone they might not want to put that into the article. Just based on the video alone.

P: There’s also the still images that I sent along as well to show the aftermath, but I can certainly send over the police report number. I just have to find it.

J: Okay, if you could do that, it might actually suffice. If you have an incident number of the “swatting” event, as well, that would also definitely help.


P: I do know for sure that I have that one but I’d have to go back to my email and find it, but I do have that one.

J: Okay, if it’s not too much trouble for you.

P: No. Those are two of the most credible threats that we experienced directly in a way that an audience would recognise as real world, so I would certainly want them included.

J: Exactly, and that is pretty much the main theme of this article, is how far this can go off the internet into the real world. So that’s why some of these real life events such as the vandalism and the swatting, it’s crucial that we have as much information as we possibly can. So that we can include it in the story and be as detailed as possible.


P: Yeah, certainly. I’ll get those two report numbers as soon as I can.

J: Okay, I appreciate that Patrick. I just have a couple of more questions. Going back to what we were talking about earlier with WWE and text harassment in general, what do you think the best way to deal with these people is? Do yo u respond to these people? Do you just ignore them? Do you block them?

P: Ignoring people like this serves no purpose. It simply forces them to double and to triple down, because their whole thing is trying to extract suffering.


So if you don’t they don’t stop, they don’t get bored. They only increase the pain.

J: Right.

P: They only double and triple down until you have to deal with them again. I mean, I ignored them for months at a time. They never stopped, they never moved on. They want me dead. That’s what they want. That’s what they work for every single day, and if they don’t get their fix they’re just going to do an even more monstrous thing.

J: Right, what kinds of things?

P: When they text I explain to them their conduct is criminal, that they’re being investigated, and that they’re going to face consequences for what they’re doing. They may laugh and taunt, and say you’ll never find us, not knowing I already know who at least three of them are.


J: Right. Alright, I have one last question, Patrick. Since you are a writer have you considered writing a book or some other long form piece about your experiences with the trolls, or maybe getting together with a documentary maker. Maybe writing a script and telling your story that way.

P: Those things are already being discussed.

J: Okay. Perfect, can you give us any more details about that, or they’re just being discussed

P: No, not really, at this point. I mean, there’s several different ways we might approach that. I’ve already appeared on a podcast that’s growing in popularity called Strictly Stalking.


I was on there like last October or November, and that generated quite a bit of interest. Documentaries are not out of the question. Me, getting back into blogging once some of these stories go live. Certainly, not out of the question. There’s a bunch of things, and writing a non fiction book about it at some point in the future, if I was able to generate any interest from non fiction publishers. Certainly I would write about it.

J: Do you think that’s what it’s going to take, for law makers and law enforcement to take this serious, because it sounds like right now they aren’t.


P: It is going to take national attention in the form of articles like yours. Any other platforms that may pick it up afterwards. That’s the kind of pressure this will take. That’s what always needs to happen in situations like this, that enough people know about it that it takes on its own momentum

J: Right.. right. Yeah, I see what you’re saying. Is there anything else that you have to add at this point? Maybe that we forgot to talk about that you wanted to let us know about?

P: Nothing that really spins off the top of my head. I mean, this is still just my every single day, even though these people are beginning to suspect that I know more than they wish I knew, which is they’re finally right about something.


It takes a lot out of ya after a while. I have to spend a couple of hours a day on this, instead of doing my writing, instead of doing my self promo, instead of trying to pitch. I am doing this, and its all hours and days and weeks and months and now years that have been stolen away from the life that I’m supposed to be living. Just so these people can get their jollies trying to hurt someone they have never met and know absolutely nothing about

J: Right, right. Okay, well Patrick I appreciate the phone call. I appreciate the extra information


I’ll keep you posted and updated on the status of the article.

P: Alright, I’ll get those incident numbers together. I don’t know if we ever got the incident report for the vandalism but it shouldn’t be too hard for me to figure out what that is. As far as the swatting incident I know we’ve got that somewhere and I can reference that through my email search. I can get that to you later tonight.

J: Yeah, that will be extremely helpful

P: What are.. I know you don’t make the final decision on this, but do you have a time-frame, as far as when publication is.

J: We’re thinking..


It’s definitely a little bit later. It’s not that people are dragging their feet so much. It’s just that we want to make sure we get everything right, because there’s a lot of details. Like I said, we have a lot of readers who like to pay very close attention to detail. And because of the subject matter we have to make sure that we get everything right. I think the last time I told the beginning of September. It’s looking to be more mid September, 2nd or 3rd week of September. If I had to guess. That’s what it’s looking like right now.

P: Oh, and I can probably get you login and passwords so you can access the current forums, at least the public space inside of them. I’m sure that would be helpful


J: Yeah that would be extremely helpful

P: Alright, I’ll get all that together and get it over to you as soon as I can.

J: Alright, thank you Patrick. We’ll keep in touch.

P: Sounds good

J: Alright, take care

P: Good night.

J: Alright, bye