Chapter 5: Civil War at the California Quash SmackDown

Patrick had his lawyer Brinton Resto attempt to get information from KiwiFarms and Encyclopedia Dramatica. At KiwiFarms it was mostly regarding this thread, where the content was nothing more than archives of Patrick’s own posts.

KiwiFarms made it’s own motion to quash with lawyer Robert Barnes

FatCourt 2: The Bridges of Milwaukee County

Patrick Tomlinson’s Original Complaint in Wisconsin was now visible and was being discussed on the forums.

Patrick would name SpaceEdge in his lawsuit around 12 times. Many of the claims didn’t make sense, such as:

The link provided had shown user SpaceEdge describing a call where Patrick had told him to kill himself. Patrick submitted this as evidence that the reverse happened. He had done the same kind of dishonest trickery to many of the other users in the same filing.

Many users commented on the forums about the filing:

Doe 33:
I stand by my statement that Patrick is an unhinged depressed alcoholic, and is married to a lesbian. I would also add that he is quite rotund.

John Doe 36 (accused of sharing a photograph of Plaintiff that was edited to falsely portray a lewd, sexual act)’s response:

I swear under pentalty of perjury punishable by death and $23,739.25 that that image of Patrick S. Tomlinson sucking President Donald Trump’s cock is 100% real and genuine.

John Doe 34: “My Twitter comment was clearly made in jest about Patrick’s book being shareware. I did not illegally download his work nor did I provide anyone the means to download his work. Patrick continually harassed me behind a block on Twitter. He also spread the falsehood that I am a ‘felon.’ Patrick brags about having guns and wanting to inflict harm on innocent people he disagrees with, including women and POCs. I have spoken with legal counsel and if Patrick ever does try to come after me in court, I will not only go through and win quash proceedings, but I will also consider countersuing Mr. Tomlinson for his harassment and defamation of me. Btw, my Twitter account hasn’t existed for almost a year so I have no idea what his problem still is with me.”

John Doe 30: “These messages the plaintiff is referring to literally do not exist. What does is exist is a threatening voicemail Mr. Tomlinson sent to me on Christmas Eve 2020. My entire holiday was interrupted by a drunk Mr. Tomlinson telling me that when he finds out my identity, he is going to kill me. I’m not that worried because Mr. Tomlinson is a coward; however, my lawyer is in possession of the recording and will release this audio in court if necessary.

One last thing… Get a fucking job, Patrick, you miserable fat piece of shit.”

I continued to send Patrick updates on the forum. This time a fight between SpaceEdge and Quasi101 was made up by the mole. Patrick was convinced that he had started the end all civil war of onaforums.

The Mole: just a heads up, something is going on between Quasi and SpaceEdge and it seems to involve the lawsuit i’ll be keeping an eye on it

Patrick Replied: Some of the shots you’ve sent were labeled as part of a new secret
forum. Is this on the new site itself, or are they organizing off site
because they don’t trust Quasi anymore.

The Mole Replied: It’s part of the site, it’s just invisible to most users. Whatever the off-site plans are, it’s not up yet. Once it is things will probably be much harder to get information from.

I sent the news of the Canyon/Kumar fallout to Seth, who sent it to Anna Merlin.

Anna: Hey there – we are getting close to publishing a story finally, I think. Can I ask: Are you part of the new board SpaceEdge created? What’s going on with those folks this week? 

I replied with a text log that SpaceEdge had posted in the secret forums

Posted by SpaceEdge about an hour ago

I know the sites been going up and down a whole lot, thanks for helping out the beta

the new site will be fully open in about 3 days, at which point all my content and all the content of the user’s who switch over will be removed from this platform. It took a lot of code to get done with quasi not doing anything at all to help or get out of the way, but it’s done

get your name in and get to the main forum sticky to enter your name for deletion

Again, Anna wouldn’t respond for some time. I knew that the Vice article was unstable and another big delay could signal the article not being released.

Seth had a take on the Canyon/Kumar crisis.

Seth: got it, huh, interesting. that could be accounted for by my last message to [redacted so i can later say you wouldn’t know who it is or what was said] but it’s broad enough to also be explained by bubbling concerns over the lawsuit/changes to the forum. it would probably blow my cover story if I double tapped my last message now but in a couple days I‘ll see if I can turn the screws. 

I replied:

Seth Replied: holy shit, this is crazy. okay, when I get home in a bit I’m going to make a move, i’ll let you know when I do

Move made, keep your eyes peeled. I kinda feel like he’s too aware of my tricks to mention anything specific, but maybe since he’s panicking anyway…

I replied: Will do. He has already mentioned you quite a lot.

Seth replied: Yeah, I’m encouraged by the fact that this intermediary seems to be trying to figure out what I know, but I don’t want to get my hopes up. Could also just be that Boykin’s a paranoid guy who has a lot of time to put dots together in his head. 

I sent the following screenshots to Seth and Patrick

Seth Replied: iiiinteresting. the intermediary is still going back and forth with me even though I think I’ve given enough information for them to properly freak out… guess I’ll keep engaging just to see what happens. 

Patrick’s 3rd hearing had rolled around. He now needed the case to succeed in California in order to move the Wisconsin case ahead.

Fatcourt3: Letters From Rahul Kumar

Rodney Mayr’s arguments mirror cancel culture tactics. He argues that “these people are racist and part of racist groups” in both his appearances instead of arguing actual law. Brinton Resto also used this tactic heavily in Wisconsin when he submited Seth Simon’s article into evidence.

Anna Merlin emailed the mole directly after the case concluded:

Anna: Hi, I’m sitting in a court hearing related to the Tomlinson case. It’s been a while since we’ve talked, but if you’re still using this email, could you let me know? I’d love to get on the phone briefly this week.

I replied: I’m headed out near a state park for the holiday weekend in a few hours with the family, I get some spotty internet but never can complete calls. Maybe we can talk on the phone sometime next week? In the meantime, I should be able to respond here and there via email. I watched the case video a little while ago, I’ve never seen Quasi101 post that he made reviews. It didn’t seem to go very well. They also seem to have forfeited a deadline in Wisconsin. You may have saw that Seth’s article was published as evidence.. because of the attention it’s a bit harder to function there, although i’m managing right now. I was hoping for a quicker end to this, I had no idea I would be in this place for 6–8 months let alone helping with a lawsuit when I started.

Anna replied: Next week is totally good, enjoy your time with your family!I agree that the lawsuit doesn’t seem to be going well and I can’t believe they didn’t have better evidence of Quasi posting defamatory things if that’s what they were going to hang their case on. I’m wondering what the mood on the board is? It’s private now, so I can’t see what’s happening. It seems like they quickly lost interest in harassing Seth, which is interesting too.

I wrote: They still have threads on seth every couple of days, sometimes more. They are very quick to react when he writes something mentioning them on twitter or his blog so I know they are keeping close watch. His latest blog post was up on the forums the same day.The general mood is confident. They watched the first part / second part of the trial unfold in Wisconsin and decided then that they had already won. ( part 1 part 2 )The deadline in part2 is what got stepped on today.They are also fully aware that if granted, the motion to quash will bill Tomlinson 12 thousand dollars. They feel they are assured victory through attrition. They have a site admin who is said to have dropped 20 thousand dollars so far into this case and isn’t even asking for donations.It’s all pretty crazy and makes me wonder if his lawyers were expecting no opposition

Anna replied: I wonder that myself. Thanks for the update. Are they pretty much totally focused on Patrick and Seth right now or are there other targets?

I replied: They think that the SFWA might be funding Patrick’s lawsuit so that’s a big target. They have fueded with the SFWA for a long time now and think that the hyper focus on in the case is a big sign it’s true. They have interacted with onaforums before over SFWA has a legal fundraiser and has sued disney, it’s not impossible they are correct.Individual members of the SFWA such as Maggie May Schill, Micheal Duke, Paul Weimer, Mary Kowall and Cat Rambo are all constant targets. At one point the SFWA organized a group of members they called a “troll taskforce” to combat onaforums. SpaceEdge doxxed each member within hours and they shut it down and removed all mentions from their website. I have archives somewhere when I get home.Joe Cumia has an upcoming wedding and guitar gigs that they have been watching out for.Anthony Jeselnik is being monitored after retweeting seth’s article and getting into fights over it with Legion Of Skanks podcast The lawyer who is representing Patrick Brinton Resto has a sister who appears to be some sort of exotic dancer that they are all over now and doing drawings of. Here is a sample of what that looks like

Artist’s rendition

The lawyer Nicole Ways and Carrie Goldberg that represented Patrick have had similar treatment on the forums. Ruben Pena was Quasi’s lawyer and is regarded as a hero. I doubt he will be touched.I’ll be back in town this week, whenever you’re ready I just need about a day’s notice.

Anna replied: This is all super helpful — it’s interesting how much their goals are merging with the Sad Puppies and the Rabid Puppies, who were feuding with the SFWA a few years ago.I actually don’t have a ton of followup questions right now and don’t want to waste your time getting on the phone, but is it OK to use the information in this email on background, meaning I wouldn’t attribute where it came from, or would say something like “people familiar with the forum said”? I’m finally planning to write about this once the lawsuit progresses a little bit, since that’s primarily what my editor is interested in. I was surprised none of the OnA forum people who called into the hearing realized I was there.Do you think there is like a bigger goal here? Is Patrick a symbol of something to them, or the SFWA? Or do they just really like fucking with him?

I replied: Sure, you can use it. I think most saw the video via 3rd party, if they did notice you they kept it quiet.The lawsuit and what Patrick has done previously with Carrie Goldberg are pretty interesting.He got banned for threatening to sodomize the sitting president with a pineapple, payed $5000 to his lawyer and was able to get his account back. It’s a worrying precedent for twitter to overturn bans based on if the user can afford to hire a lawyer. It’s a base for a caste system where the wealthy can do or say whatever they want, but if your average citizen uses their voice they could be silenced unless they can produce $5000 to pay off a lawyer. Unfortunately i’ve already seen Patrick take advantage of this, he will sit and argue with people on twitter and spam the report button, knowing that it’s much harder for him to be banned despite engaging in the same behavior. What’s to stop a member of any political party from doing this exact same thing? Twitter has never gotten called out on it, so it’s possible for anyone to do right now.In hindsight, Quasi’s lawyers were fully aware of this and used it in evidence in their motions to quash. I think this distinction of him already being banned and evading bans is what caused the shitshow we witnessed in court.As far as bigger goals go, I remember discussing this before and I didn’t really have a good answer, but i’ve been among them for quite a while while the case is going on now. I would say their current goals are to expand their member numbers and become their version of a “Free Speech Platform”. They want to become their own kiwifarms, but for the comedy industry.
 They have hooks in some popular podcasts like Legion of Skanks, Revenge of the Cis and Cumtown. Obviously there is Italia and that whole side of things too. It’s not just fans either, it’s producers and actual hosts. Seth was going down the correct road in his article when he discussed ona being a central hub. They have been around so long that even Joe Rogan was a member way back in the 2000’s, so I suppose it kind of makes sense.I think Patrick is a symbol of everything they hate. They see him as manifestation of all the worse qualities of the modern man. Consumerism, vainglory, gluttony, wrath and pride are among the most common types of discussions. That whole topic is a rabbit hole in itself.They think the SFWA are pedophiles and cite several sources. I should be able to find what they post if you need.

Anna replied: This is super super interesting because it sounds like, from what you’ve observed, they’re making an important free speech argument albeit from a terrible perspective. And that’s clearly what’s coming up in court.Pedophiles, really?? Yeah I would like to see that if you’re able to pull it up, but no rush if not. That’s uh some real QAnon stuff.

Here is the content of the Email I sent Anna Merlin about the SFWA

I had to leave out the links showing Paul Weimer posting upskirt shots and bath photos of a little girl on his flickr. I do not intend to embarrass any children and it could get this site removed for child pornography.

I continued: I know that’s a bit to go over, but I also have another topic the forum is talking about right now regarding the case. Someone made an account on 19 May 2021, made 7  posts in a 30 minute time span, never returned, and all 7 posts appeared in Patrick’s motion in opposition to Quasi’s motion to quash.  They think Patrick faked all these posts to bolster his case, in addition to faking vandalism on his property.

The reason they think this is important in trial is because his case says here it was late may

However, the website went 100% private on Thu, Apr 22, 2021. He claims he saw the posts on the site, but you could not access it without an account.

Anna would once again not respond for a long period of time.

Patrick would delete over a thousand tweets, despite his twitter being submitted into a court case. Patrick saw nothing wrong with deleting evidence.

It was also discovered that Patrick had interacted with Anthony Cumia and followers in 2017, I emailed Patrick for answers.


What’s important in that link is

Those tweets are referenced in this post, then other archives show what appears that Joe and Anthony Cumia had something to do with ona coming after you like it did during the reddit era. If accurate, it means Anthony Cumia got you doxxed originally.

Patrick No, they didn’t. The ONA subreddit didn’t even take note of me until more than a year later.

Despite such a clear discrepancy with Patrick’s timeline, he refused to answer any more questions about Anthony.

I approached Patrick with an offer from “huffington post” to have a phone interview with him

The mole: Hey Patrick, I wanted to give you a bit of an update and pass on an invitation. I’m working closely with Anna Merlin from Vice news as well as Seth Simons to get another article published and I don’t think it’s very far off. I expect that Vice news will publish sometime early-mid next month.

There are other journalists that have picked up on the story that i’ve been in contact with between the New Republic and Vice, one of them works for Huffington Post and asked if you would be willing to do a phone interview with an assistant editor, they want to discuss your experience and the possibility of writing a peice on these events.

Patrick: I would be happy to speak with anyone in the media willing to spread the word about this group of cyberterrorists.

I told Patrick I would forward his information to the huffington post representative.

Once again I would team up with Freelance Reporter Josiah Munoz for phone interviews. Patrick received this email from Huffington Post

Josiah: Hello my name is Josiah Munoz, i’m an assistant editor for the Huffington Post.

I would like to have a phone interview this afternoon regarding your experiences with fake reviews, twitter’s reporting algorithm’s exploits and trolls. I want to discuss specifically the trolls at

Please let me know if you’re interested

Patrick: Josiah, Let’s talk. I’m available anytime this afternoon. Let me know a time that works for you and I’ll shoot you my number.

Josiah:Can we do late afternoon, around 5pm CST?

Patrick: 5pm works for me. Question, however. And forgive me for being somewhat suspicious, but after the last three years of impersonations and identity theft I’ve grown a little cynical.

I can’t seem to find your name among the editors or staff at huffington post’s website. Also, all the staff email domains over there that I can see are .com, not .net as yours is presenting as. Is there a reason for this?

Josiah: I understand why you would be cautious.

I’m an assistant editor, my job is to present information to the editor to decide if they want to use the story.The people you see online are probably my bosses. If the story is accepted I can have an editor call or email you.

I don’t know why there is a .com and .net difference. I will email IT and let you know shortly.

Interview 1

Patrick: Josiah, Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today and hear our story. If you’re interested, I can send you screenshots, video, and any other evidence I have to corroborate my claims. It’s all 100% true, I have no need to exaggerate, but proof is always nice, too.

Josiah:Thank you so much for the interview. I have shown it to some people on my team and they are absolutely amazed by what they heard. We are having a meeting tomorrow morning with some higher-ups to discuss the article, so any screenshots/video/whatever you have would be immensely helpful – and I will of course keep you posted on everything that happens.

Patrick:To be frank, I have literally thousands. It’s easier on my end, and yours, if you can narrow it down to specific instances you’re interested in, and then I can filter for those.

Yes, I’m a search engine for my own campaign of terrorism.

Josiah: Good Lord. Do you have any kind of highlight reel of sorts? Or maybe a Google Drive or something? 

Patrick: The last time I physically handed a thumb drive off to a law enforcement officer, it had 1100 files. I have to admit it never occurred to me to put together a “Best Of” PowerPoint.

[Patrick forwards drawing of himself grinding up babies in his basement]

But, you know, here’s a screengrab from their hellsite where they’re still photoshopping that HILARIOUS time they almost got me assassinated by the police on my own porch after making a false report about the Craigslist ad they made about grinding black babies into sausage.

Because murdering black children is funny! Don’t you see? Trying to get people killed with their racist lies is the funniest thing in the world if you are these people.

I have literally a thousand more like this.This has been my every single day, for the last thousand days.

Let me know how the meeting with your team went and if your higher ups had any questions or requests for additional information or corroboration I can provide.

Josiah: Hey Patrick, Our meeting went very well, we discussed the themes of your story so much that we ended running out of time. I’m expecting to get an email on a followup meeting tomorrow.

I can tell from the notes during this first meeting that there’s a lot of interest, particularly in Section 230 being outdated and ruled over by outdated judges, the “call us when they steal a quarter million or someone dies” from the FBI. It’s disturbing how they “punish” random unsuspecting people who associate with you. It’s even more disturbing to think that any unsuspecting twitter user could suddenly be in these people’s cross hairs. Are you in contact with users that they have done this too that would be willing to give a statement?

We discussed reaching out to some of the users in the screengrabs we have been sent, but I would need to narrow down people who have had reoccurring problems with them.

Patrick: An unrelated but very similar story to ours, except the feds cared because the people doing the stalking were from eBay:

There are several people I can put you in contact with who have been targeted repeatedly by these people. The best examples I can think of are: @TaraDublinrocks,@princejvstin and @IjeomaOluo

There are many others, but I think these three would be a good place to start.

Josiah:Thanks these links and attachments are very helpful.

I’m working on my presentation outline for next weeks meeting, would you be able to get on the phone with me again so we can work out some more details? I would like to do 5 again, preferably today i apologize for short notice.

You mentioned they text you every day, do you have examples of the content of these messages? Does it change day by day or is it always the same threats? (Does the tone sound like one person or many people?)

Patrick: Here’s a small sample of the harassment texts I’ve gotten from the last week or so. They are written by between 2-4 individuals, but always on spoofed phone numbers which I then block. They just create new ones and start again minutes later. There have been literally thousands of them, every day, for years.

Anyway, I could talk at 5pm CST again today.

Patrick had sent Josiah edited text messages. He had intentionally left out himself responding and in one case even removed a line of text

Left is Tomlinson’s evidence, Right is the real message
Patrick’s evidence (left) took out two lines, a step further than cropping the shots.

Patrick: Another just now.

It may interest you to know we’re 95% confident one of the chief stalkers who has doxxed and harassed dozens of people is actually a former police officer who was fired and even charged with manslaughter in 2015 after killing a black motorist during a traffic stop. His name is Canyon Boykin.

When you have a moment, please confirm if 5pm today still works for you.

Josiah:Yes there shouldn’t be an issue with the schedule. That’s very interesting, this is a Mississippi officer? I’ve put it in my notes to discuss here soon

Patrick: Yes. He was outed some time ago by another member of the forums. Since then, another reporter tried to contact him on the number recovered and he freaked out. In a private section of the old forums, he made many posts alluding to his past as a LEO, and his hatred of blacks. Other users of the forum occasionally refered to him as CB. All of this is documented, of course.

Interview 2

Patrick had been bragging to Seth Simons about his Hufpo interviews. Simons went on to release a paywalled article, which was then released on onaforums where he bragged about the upcoming demise of onaforums.

I wrote to Seth simons:

Seth Replied: lmao @ them complaining to substack, a platform I stopped using months ago

Seth’s Article

The Mole sent Seth and Patrick the following screenshots.

Seth Replied: “he can’t say my name legally since he got it from a legal channel” haha good luck with that

Patrick Replied: Ty. The Vice article is in rewrites now.

I used what appeared to be a nonfunctional website I happened to come across and used it to pose as Canyon Boykin’s new website, In the secret forums I bragged about the site coming online. In the public forums I bragged without saying it was a website.

The mole to Seth and Patrick:

Seth Replied: haha. he’s fucked! 

I replied: I don’t think he will accept that until it’s staring him in the face. Any idea of the timeline when the article is supposed to come out?

Seth replied: i believe early next month, knock on wood. it’s not going to be me — just can’t deal with the potential backlash right now, financially/mentally — but I know Anna and another pub are working on them. 

Patrick chimed in about Canyon:

Patrick: Amazing.

The Mole replied: Hopefully that vice article comes out before he leaves the forums and takes the worst of them with him

Patrick Replied: Won’t matter. His life is over as soon as the article drops. He seems to think the slate gets wiped clean when he dumps the SpaceEdge username and that’s… just not how this works.

The Mole replied: Yeah he seems to think that because archive services were blocked. I’m not sure how it all works legally which seems to be what he means He is already gloating on the public forum about his new site

Patrick Replied: That’s really not how it works.

I warned Patrick and Seth that SpaceEdge had made this announcement:

Posted by SpaceEdge about an hour ago

I know the sites been going up and down a whole lot, thanks for helping out the beta

the new site will be fully open in about 3 days, at which point all my content and all the content of the user’s who switch over will be removed from this platform. It took a lot of code to get done with quasi not doing anything at all to help or get out of the way, but it’s done

get your name in and get to the main forum sticky to enter your name for deletion

Patrick Replied: Good. The rift is getting worse. Quasi and SpaceEdge will both be named publicly soon and the whole fractured community will collapse.

The mole Replied: I hope vice doesn’t have a problem with the lost content they would be directing to, she seemed to ask a lot about specific things they were doing.

Patrick replied: We have screengrabs for everything.

Josiah once again emailed Patrick.

Josiah: Some questions regarding topics we touched on yesterday

You mentioned you could get us screenshots of the old forums (, and not

we only have a couple archives and a handful of screenshots of this old site right now. Anything you could send over would help, especially if you have a large amount of them. It will help my position greatly to have a big folder of saved content since the site isn’t there now.

We discussed some outside funding on your part. I know there will be some questions about this when I have my next meeting

-Would the individual(s) funding your suit be willing to be interviewed? Their identities of course would be kept private.

-What are the motivations to fund this? Is this strictly for your sake or is this to help change the laws to help everyone?

-You mentioned the possibility out outside funding for the user Quasi101’s lawyers. If this turned out to be true, would you see a possibility that this could end up being a battle of attrition? Your funding vs Quasi101’s funding?

In our previous emails, we discussed 3 other individuals Tara Dublin, Ijeoma Oluo and Paul Weimer.

-Is Ijeoma Oluo a pen name? If so, would I be talking to her or her pen name? Is her real name known? This would change how I cite my sources.

-Paul Weimer is mentioned in other material I have as being attacked with the same mass twitter reports you were attacked with. Speaking with Mr.Weimer about the false banning, his reinstatement and his other experiences with onaforums would be great for reinforcing this story.

His twitter is private, would you be able to help me set up a phone interview with Mr.Weimer?

Thanks in advance for your time. With the prospective size of this story I know i’ll have to be out in front of questions like this or risk getting bogged down in Q&A again.

Patrick: I’ll get this collected and sent back to you on Monday.

Something interesting in the group chat yesterday. It appears SpaceEdge (Canyon Boykin) believes Quasi101 was the source for his ID being leaked. There seems to be a growing rift and confrontation in the group. Also, Canyon refers to Quasi with an anti-Indian slur, which reinforces the ID we already have for Quasi.

Before the weekend was over:

Patrick: Amazing breakthroughs in the story today. We need to talk as soon as possible.

This email contained an attachment with a folder of evidence. Patrick had just sent Josiah all his case evidence.

One file was Patrick’s famous list of IP’s. I opened it and took a look at the ips.

What was the referring URL? Where had he gotten the famous list from?

It would seem Liz Clark had disappeared from the internet under the assumption Pat would take down the forums with this list. I noticed something else about the name of this file..

I continued to explore the folder, it also contained photo’s of faxes sent to Hooligans:

Tomlinson appeared to have cut out an entire section of the conversation here, accidentally leaving an out of place “no you are”

There were multiple excel files. One was where Tomlinson had kept loose track of “stalker” twitter accounts.

The next two were his case files for the lawsuit against onaforums.

Patrick had blamed SpaceEdge for many texts with no proof like PST140-145. His evidence for forum posts was the homepage.
An email from Niki Robinson making fake FBI claims. We know from the interviews the FBI told them they wouldn’t do anything.

Patrick has Norm MacDonald on his list of harassers.

Patrick demonstrates that he doesn’t know what a libelous review is. Here are three reviews he has labeled as “Libelous fake book review”

It’s clear that what Patrick is trying to do here is moderate his reviews. Anyone that leaves a negative review is subject to threats of legal action.

At the same time Patrick encouraged people to leave 5 star reviews, which is a form of faking reviews. At one point, Patrick even had his followers rate a book which had not released yet with 5 star reviews.


Patrick continued to answer Josiah’s questions

Patrick: Going to answer these in line I’ve sent you an invite to collaborate on a Google Drive folder which has screengrabs and other evidence dating all the way back to their old subreddits up to their last set of webforums.

We discussed some outside funding on your part. I know there will be some questions about this when I have my next meeting-Would the individual(s) funding your suit be willing to be interviewed? Their identities of course would be kept private. 

It’s not individuals per se, but a professional organization of which I am a member. I will reach out to them to ask if they’re willing to go on the record.

-What are the motivations to fund this? Is this strictly for your sake or is this to help change the laws to help everyone? 

It’s not stricting for my sake, but to protect the entire professional community of which I’m a member.

You mentioned the possibility out outside funding for the user Quasi101’s lawyers. If this turned out to be true, would you see a possibility that this could end up being a battle of attrition? Your funding vs Quasi101’s funding?

 Funny story there. Since we talked last, we’ve confirmed that not only is Quasi101 getting outside funding, but

Additionally, Canyon and several others have been doubling down on their conflict with Quasi, believing he’s the source of information about them getting to Seth Simons and myself. They have been peppering him with anti-Indian slurs, which means my confidence in the Rahul Kumar ID we have from an accidental doxx months ago has gone up drastically. I’m now nearly as sure we have the right man there as I am about Canyon Boykin.

Ijeoma Oluo is not a pen name. It’s her real name, she lives in Seattle, and is a NYT Bestselling author of nonfiction books like SO YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT RACE, and MEDIOCRE.

I can get you in touch with Paul Weimar, yes. I’ll let him know you wish to talk and give him your email.

We should have a quick call to discuss the context of all this and everything we’ve learned today.

Sorry, hit the send button before I was finished. As I was saying, since we last talked, we’ve confirmed that Quasi is not only getting outside funding for his legal defense, but we’ve identified the person supplying it. Cris Italia, owner of Stand Up NYC has been bankrolling Quasi’s fight to remain anonymous as well as the forums themselves. User SpaceEdge (IDed as Canyon Boykin) has let slip on the group chat feature Cris’s involvement, along with an unnamed game developer working for Rockstar Games.

Josiah: Thank you, I was able to access the drive.

Do you think this fight between Boykin and Kumar will get worse? They seem to be self destructing.

If it works for you, we can get on the phone again at 5pm tomorrow.

Patrick: I think it’s going to escalate, yes. These people are not friends as we understand it. They have no trust for anyone, not even eachother. They’re only in this to satisfy their need to inflict cruelty on others, that’s what gets them off. Add Canyon’s obvious white supremacy and the explosion becomes kinda inevitable.

5 tomorrow will be fine.

Patrick: That escalation? Yeah it’s happening…

(Patrick forwarded screenshots already covered above)

Josiah:Thank you, this really shows their actions are not limited to online. It will help me quite a lot pitching parts of this article.

If they split off, do you have any ideas where they would try and go? Perhaps kiwifarms hosting?

User “RobertMewler” appears to be trying to keep the peace, is this a power user like SpaceEdge or Quasi?

Patrick:Yes, RobertMewler (stolen from my cat) is one of the most prolific posters and harassers.

I’m interested in the Rockstar Games game dev. Apparently they are responsible for the deeply offensive and unauthorized videogame versions of my books. With all the toxicity of Gamer Gate and the recent news about harassment at Blizzard, this gives the story another interesting angle. I’d very much like them IDed.

Call 3

Patrick sent a forwarded email from “the mole” to “josiah” saying Canyon’s website would be up soon.

Patrick: Newest threats from Canyon. Not to pressure you, but the sooner he’s named publicly, the better.

Josiah: Thank you so much for all of the updates and documentation. I agree with you he should be named, but unfortunately our hands are tied for right now as the article still has a ways to go. You are of course free to name him at your discretion. It would not hurt the article at all and if anything would generate more interest.

Patrick: I understand it’s a process. Don’t worry, take your time to do it right.


The version Patrick sent did not include “your life is coming to it’s end”

Canyon just straight up confessing to cyberterrorism now.

Josiah: So he is texting you as Hulk Hogan? This stuff just gets weirder and weirder.

Patrick: He’s been running a bit texting me as a series of classic WWE wrestlers.

He’s insane.

Josiah: It’s a bit? Does that mean he is posting these texts like a skit? I have seen photos of him doing this before with Seth Simons. I have not had full access to the forums, my team was given an account some time ago but it no longer logs in.

Can you explain more how this works? Is this a way for him to make threats and say it’s a joke? Do you respond, and if not does he basically talk to himself?

Patrick: Let’s have a short call.

Josiah: Sure, can we the same as last time tomorrow at 5?

Patrick: Sounds Good

Call 4

Patrick: Canyon’s website is up

Patrick forwards the mole’s email:

-going on now, last post was only a few minutes ago.

Patrick:More screenshots from our mole friend confirming that user SpaceEdge is indeed killer cop Canyon Boykin.

Josiah: So Boykin believes that he will just be able to erase it all and you won’t have any proof?

My team noticed early on that they disabled many of the features you would use to save things including blocking 3rd party archiving services. I wasn’t aware that it was part of a bug out plan.

Patrick: Just sent you some fresh screengrabs. (refering to above images)

Overall, yes, you are correct. Canyon believes a number of things that are not true. One, he believes his own bullshit that I’m a coward too afraid of a real fight to confront him. Two, he believes the mole never existed, or was actually Seth Simons all along. Three, he thinks their current correspondence is secure. It’s not. Four, he believes I’m somehow legally barred from disclosing his ID publicly or he can sue me.

None of these things are correct.

And here’s the case # for the SWATTing incident last year June. It was logged with the Milwaukee Police Department, District 1: Case #201430003.

I’ll figure out the case number for the vandalism incident as soon as possible.

Here’s login info for the new forum:

Username: SquirtingCarol

Password: carolscunt

Patrick:I’ve figured out how to convert the voicemail threats and harassment I’ve been getting into mp4 files. Here’s a recent selection.

Josiah:Thanks, i’ll go over these shortly. Wanted to touch base about what’s going on, i’ve got a couple things pending with legal. My intention is to include as much content as possible like the vandalism, but i’ll have a much better idea of what I can and cannot get in later this week. Did you happen to find that police report number for the vandalism? I believe it’s the swatting i’ve already submitted to them.

Patrick: I sent the officer an email but never heard back. I’ll call the MPD later today.

Patrick: Record of a call for service: 211411011 Here’s the original correspondence in the wake of the SWATTing incident I had with the led officer, Brian Laroque.

———- Forwarded message ———
From: Laroque, Brian <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, Jun 1, 2020, 4:58 PM
Subject: Re: Case #201430003 Follow Up and new information
To: Patrick Tomlinson <[email protected]>


I have the info and a you know it will be a long investigation and that is if we can identify the actors. Currently been working on the riots so not a lot is being addressed at this time. 

Sent via the Samsung Galaxy Note10+, an AT&T 5G Evolution capable smartphone

From: Patrick Tomlinson <[email protected]>
Sent: Friday, May 29, 2020 1:05:19 PM
To: Laroque, Brian <[email protected]>
Subject: Case #201430003 Follow Up and new information

Officer Laroque,

Hello. I was given your email by your dispatcher. We spoke late last Thursday night about an attempted swatting incident at my home and the larger coordinated cyberstalking campaign behind it.

I’m writing today to follow up on that conversation and on the evidence you requested. Two officers came to the house the following day to pick up a thumb drive containing approximately 100 screenshots, pictures, IP addresses, and statements relating to the cyberstalking case. I wanted to confirm that you received the drive and see if you had any questions about its contents.

Additionally, the same stalker group has since begun planning to file false police reports of myself and my car for erratic driving in the hopes of tricking the MPD into pulling me over on fake DUI suspicion. They’ve spent the last three days tormenting me on twitter over the death of one of our pets on Tuesday evening, have been impersonating me on Twitter, have been attempting to hack into my Twitter account, succeeded in hacking into one of my old accounts using information they bought from an online broker of stolen logins, have been blowing up my phone with fake calls and texts, and are coordinating new harassment campaigns against several of my colleagues with the express intent of trying to end their careers using manufactured claims of racism, sexism, etc.

I realize that this is far from the only case you’re working and that the investigation will take a considerable amount of time. I don’t intend on flooding you with calls or emails demanding updates and plan to just let the process play itself out. There’s more than enough incriminating evidence both on the thumb drive and their forums ( to warrant charges, so I’m not concerned in that regard. I’d just like to make sure you have everything you need to proceed.


Patrick S. Tomlinson

Follow me on Twitter, Instagram and subscribe to my email list on my website.

The City of Milwaukee is subject to Wisconsin Statutes related to public records. Unless otherwise exempted from the public records law, senders and receivers of City of Milwaukee e-mail should presume that e-mail is subject to release upon request, and is subject to state records retention requirements. See City of Milwaukee full e-mail disclaimer at

Patrick: Not quite sure what to make of this newest voicemail, but they slipped up and used Rahul Kumar’s first name instead of calling him Quasi.

Josiah: Hey Patrick, I just wanted to check in real quick and let you know that my team and I have been out for the holiday weekend. I returned today and I am following up on some things i’ve sent to my managers now. I will email you again either later today or tomorrow with more details of how the story is shaping up.

Patrick:Good to know. Looking forward to the update.

Anna checked back in with the mole:

Anna: Hey, so sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner.I’m still not sure about a publication date, our lawyer is really going to need to sign off on this one.  Do you have a sense of why Quasi and SpaceEdge had a falling out? Like what triggered that beyond the fact that everyone seems kind of unstable? 

I sent the same story that I had told Seth and Patrick.

I knew that Patrick had been recently talking to Anna about the article. By this time we had done around 3 hours of interviews with Patrick and he had said some insane things, like saying all onaforums members should be “put to death”. Patrick had also sent some questionable evidence.

I knew that Patrick had tanked the article and it was a matter of time until Anna told him so. Patrick would likely mention Josiah during this conversation.

Patrick Emailed Josiah:

Patrick:Just pinging to see if you heard from your supervisor about the status of the piece.

Josiah: Yes, I got some emails back. The case you had seems to have a location different to your home, what you had was ” case # for the SWATTing incident last year June. It was logged with the Milwaukee Police Department, District 1: Case #201430003. “

This was entered as location “245 W LINCOLN AV,MKE”

If I recall correctly this is the number you had to contact the department to retrieve? The other number checked out with no issues.

I also have news regarding Canyon Boykin, we have a reporter that will be trying to get an interview with him. It was brought up a lot in our discussions that Boykin may simply point to the spoofed phone numbers that are regularly on the forums if we called him, so it was decided they would attempt an in person interview. I will have updates on that soon, they will be making contact tomorrow.

Patrick: Glad to hear Canyon will get a chance to tell his side of the story tomorrow. That will be, interesting…

Patrick: By the way, I am really quite interested to know if the voice from the voicemails I sent you matches up with Canyon’s. That would answer a lot of questions. 

Patrick: Not to be a busybody but [leans in intently]

Patrick emailed the mole on September 10th: Watch for fireworks. Something’s coming today.

SpaceEdge’s account seemed to go offline early in the day on September 11th. Patrick believed that Canyon Boykin had gotten a knock on his door by Huffington Post reporters demanding answers. However, it became clear that Anna had finally talked to Patrick about the vice article flopping and Patrick began to panic.

Patrick: Why can’t I find your name anywhere online, Josiah?

Who is your editor at HuffPo managing this story?

I’m beginning to think you’ve been playing me.

Josiah: I got a call this morning from the reporter contacting Canyon, they made contact with his wife but she said he wasn’t home. They said that they were going to return this morning.

I am not part of the management team, so I don’t have a biography on the website. I can have my editor contact you as soon as they fully accept the story as something they want to run and i’m sure they can go over any verification issues you may have.

Patrick: Thank you for letting me know. I hope they have more luck this morning.

As for verification, please look at this from my perspective. I’ve only spoken to you. We’ve had good conversations but now the stalkers are saying someone has “flipped” on me and have details about our case that I haven’t shared publicly. I have no way to know you are who you say you are. Your name isn’t just not on the HuffPo website, I can’t find any information about you anywhere online.

Maybe that’s out of an abundance of caution on your part as a journalist, and I can definitely see the advantages of keeping a low internet profile for someone in your profession, but it puts me in an awkward spot if I’m going to keep sharing information with you about the story.

I’d feel quite a lot better if someone from HuffPo whose identity I can confirm would contact me and verify you’re legit and working on this story for them.

I’m sorry for what must look like skepticism verging on paranoia from the outside, but these people have impersonated so many different folks in so many different ways over the last three years that it’s just not a possibility I can afford to discount.

Patrick would call Josiah without warning. The call was short and wasn’t recorded.

Patrick: Thank you for taking my call this morning. I’m sorry for the necessity of this. Please understand it’s a “Trust, but verify” sort of situation, and not a reflection on your person.

Norm/11 is a special holiday on onaforums that occurs each year on September 11th. It was now the 3 year anniversary of the day Patrick had badmouthed Norm Macdonald on twitter.

In celebration of Norm/11, ApostleGate Recording “Josiah Interview 1” was made public shortly after this call on 9/11/21…

Call 5 “The Childing”

Patrick would freak out after call 5, emailing the mole:

Patrick: I’m going to need a very, very good explanation why the “HuffPost reporter” you sent my way and vouched for turned out to be one of the people stalking my family.

Because right now, it looks to me like you’ve been pulling a long con to get the information out of us they never managed to, and have been giving us bad intel so we focus on the wrong people.

The Mole Replied: I’m going to be speaking to Anna on the phone, but in short it looks like they used a spoofed number that matched hufpo’s office number to trick me. I’ll paste all the info I have on them as soon as we have the call and she verifies it’s fake

nobody is really telling me what even went on, so did your lawyer check them out and it wasn’t real?

Patrick Replied: They put our entire phone conversation on YouTube after calling me Saturday night to call me a fat faggot. Which you would know if you were watching the forum like, at all.

So the question is how did they know your contact information in the first fucking place? Because that doesn’t make any sense.

If I sound angry, it’s because I am.

I seriously don’t know how we can trust anything you’ve told us up to this point.

Talk to Anna. Maybe she’ll have some ideas.

Anna reached out to the mole:

Anna: Hey- Patrick just told me a HuffPo reporter is working on something and has been talking to you. What’s the person’s name? I have a lot of friends over there and want to de-conflict so I don’t scoop them or something

The mole responded: I sent your contact info to them so they could get ahold of you. It’s mostly Patrick that’s talked to them, I figured that was best because he has lawyers. They don’t want harassment of the research team so
they asked me not to give out the name, pretty much like you asked me..but Patrick
would know way more than me I can send you the screenshots I’ve sent Patrick regarding
forums. Boykin deleted his account today but I don’t know why yet.

Anna Replied: Hey, I know Josiah isn’t a real Huffpo reporter. Wanna tell me what’s
going on?

The Mole Replied: Hey I think I got a good idea of what is happening. Could we do a
phone call?

Anna Replied: Sure – I’ll call you tomorrow? Remind me the best number to reach
you and let me know if there’s a good time.

Anna: Oof today is actually nuts this afternoon, can we chat via email? Curious
what’s going on from your perspective.

I didn’t reply when she cut the interview.

Anna soon emailed again: Read the blog. Now I’d really like to chat with you again. This seems like a huge investment of your time, what do you feel like you got out of it? Or what do you think it proved about Seth, journalism, etc?

Quite a long con, I’ll give you that. Did you realize at some point I was not going to publish a story any time soon? What was your aim where I was concerned?

The Mole Replied: Sure. I was hoping we could do a call, but we can do a few questions here.

It didn’t take much time to send an email here and there, but yes formatting all the content into something semi readable that made sense did take time. You would probably know more about this than me, I don’t even write as a hobby.

Two reasons, the first one being that Tomlinson has told literally everyone around him about VICE and HUFPO. I knew what the status of hufpo was, but when he started oinking the loudest about vice I knew it was possible you had interviewed him. Take a look at the hufpo interview content and you will see him say things like “all these people should be put to death”. I knew if you talked to him, he had probably said things like this to you, and it was over.

Second reason is that you told me so, intentionally or not I don’t know. Certian words that you used was a dead giveaway. I was interested in what you would write, you’re easily the most senior journalist involved here. You made good calls on what our constitutional right to free speech is, you saw the lawsuit for the joke it was when you watched the hearing. It’s obvious the real story here isn’t Patrick or Seth, people are made fun of every hour of every day.

It’s probably for the best you called it then, because Patrick straight up fabricated a good chunk of the evidence he sent to hufpo. As a group, we don’t just instantly dislike you and wish for your misfortune, it was a hope that if you published a piece it would be fair. We don’t need or expect you to take our side 100%, that’s not your job. We have had several podcasts and news outlets release content about us, but not ONE of them has ever contacted us. TIME, Jason Sanford, The New Republic, Strictly Stalking, PEOPLE and many more have all done reports.

If Patrick had lied to you and it you were fair, I wouldn’t have let you keep it up. If Patrick would have sent the false evidence he sent Hufpo, I would have told you. I realize that wouldn’t 100% absolve you from responsibility, but I also didn’t bring you into this.

I know you mentioned you had an issue with reddit before, but that could have been literally any 1 person out of thousands of people. While I did pull your name on our logs and it was there, nobody remembers you. It was very mild and several users even thought you looked great in leather.

Anna Replied: Ok I have a lot to marinate on here! Thanks for taking the time to be
thoughtful about this. I certainly understand your feelings that the
previous stories have been one-sided, but how exactly would journalists
about contacting an anonymous message board? What kind of contact request
would have actually been seen and taken seriously by someone empowered to
speak for the group? This is like the end of a Scooby Doo cartoon except infinitely weirder. I
don’t want to editorialize too much, but I’ll probably have more questions for you in the future. Were you hoping to record our call and use it as part of this bit, the way you guys did with Patrick and “Josiah”?

 The Mole Replied: To contact us, they could have used the email that was listed on the site header (I would have to look where it is now), could have made an account, tweeted us, there are a number if things. On top of this we made a point of emailing the authors and contact lines after publication, but they all ignored us.

There are several people that could speak for the group, a few have even gone as far as calling these publications and were still ignored.

The first call is in part 2, which isn’t released yet. The second call would be with Josiah but not a bit. We want a real discussion about what’s going on here, like the fact Pat, Seth and the SFWA attempted to use this fake story along with fake evidence Patrick made to overthrow krinksky and fundamentally change the first amendment as we know it.

Anna Replied: OK, thanks for letting me know the first call is in part 2 — but you need
to be super careful about recording people without their consent. (I can’t
remember if I agreed to let you record, but I’m guessing I didn’t? Correct
me if I’m wrong.) I am obviously not going to get upset about it, but it’s
potentially a crime depending on where you live and where the other person
is located. (It’s called one-party versus two-party consent.) If we agreed
that you were going to record it, of course, scrap all of the above.

I think the concerns about free speech and potential precedent in the case
are valid, and it’s something I wrote about in my draft. (That draft is now
obviously scrapped, and when I get back from the trip I’m currently on,
I’ll have to talk to my editor about reworking it and see what he wants me
to do.)

What is the “fake evidence” you’re saying Patrick gave to the fake HuffPo

Four other big overarching questions here, and thanks for taking the time
to answer all of this for a story that might never happen:

1. Who are you? When we spoke you sounded like a dude in your 20s with a
vaguely east coast accent, and you of course gave me a name that was pretty
hard to double-check. I was going to go back to you during fact-checking
and get more info that would help me confirm your identity but of course we
never got that far. How many people are workshopping these emails with you?
Are you SpaceEdge? (I ask all this knowing it’s more or less impossible to
know if you’re telling me the truth if you reply.)

2. You’ve said that the goal of this project was calling
out/exposing/humiliating “cancel culture journalists.” But pretending to be
a reporter to talk to Patrick was obviously something else. What do you
feel like it achieved?

3. Do you think anything that’s being done to Patrick — or any of the
previous targets, for that matter- is wrong? Do you feel bad about it at

4. How does this end? It seems like a totally exhausting no-win situation
for any of you and I can’t imagine it’s much fun at this point. (I might be
wrong about that, though.) What’s it going to take for all of you to walk
away? Or does it just never end?

The Mole Replied: I’m not very worried about recording laws due to my location, but I appreciate the advice.

While spaceedge works in a decentralized manner, and may not exactly be the one who’s hitting “send”, you are directly talking to spaceedge now. Think of it as the post office, the mailman may deliver the letter but it’s still from the original sender.

I’m happy to answer your questions, but I have to ask if this means you don’t want to do a call?

If so, I would like to ask some of my own questions. Perhaps we can each take turns with questions, if that sounds acceptable to you?

As far as a call goes I promise I’m not a Scooby Doo villian, I’m more like a guest star like the Harlem Globe Trotters or Don Knotts.

Anna Replied: I do want to do a call. I’m in Germany at the moment but when I’m home in two weeks can we set up a time?

The Mole Replied: I think we will need to do emails. Let’s go with what I mentioned if you don’t mind, i’ll start off with yours.

2. You’ve said that the goal of this project was calling out/exposing/humiliating “cancel culture journalists.” But pretending to be a reporter to talk to Patrick was obviously something else. What do you
feel like it achieved?

When you asked this, chapter 2 had not dropped yet so I don’t know how much information you had on how Seth and the New Republic were connected to the Tomlinson lawsuit. I’m happy to elaborate on specifics, but obviously part2 covers this connection in debth.

3. Do you think anything that’s being done to Patrick — or any of the
previous targets, for that matter- is wrong? Do you feel bad about it at

I do not think anything i’ve done to patrick is wrong. Patrick is on twitter constantly saying he want’s to take away peoples jobs for belonging to political parties he doesn’t like, in one case he even said american farmers should lose their farms because they voted for Trump. I don’t like biden or trump, but this is clearly going too far.

He went on to say that it’s ok to beat a woman if she liked trump, even saying that he would hire out “roller derby lesbians” to beat up these women.

Patrick sends death threats daily, often with “your life is coming to an end”, he has gone as far as leaving drunken voicemails on members line’s on christmas eve saying “when I find them, they’re dead”.. In the Josiah recordings, he says something about how I should be hunted down and executed.

This isn’t a sympathetic man. If someone like Patrick ever had any form of power, he would use it to make life living hell for everyone who didn’t kiss his feet. Have you ever followed his twitter? Just look through some of the images provided below.

I know swatting claims may come to mind, but this is covered in later released.

Previous targets:

I don’t feel bad about terrible people like the Cumias, Tomlinson, Simons. I can’t imagine anyone fully informed about them would have pity. I have absolutely no pity for the people i’ve exposed for being sex offenders, or the guy who had upskirt pictures of a 8 year old girl on his flickr.

It may surprise you, but many people who have had problems with us recently came after us first. They are often SFWA members who want to silence us from speaking about them, just like they tried to silence Jon Del Arroz.

If you have a specific person, I will tell you what I think about them.

This link contains an archived image for each of my claims, if you need directed to specific ones let me know.

My questions:

In part 2, Seth mentions that he didn’t tell you about the email “[email protected]” because you may know of Niki. That’s a specific business she runs, so just how much did you know about Tomlinson? It would seem that if you had followed him for any time at all, you would have seen his bizzare tweets, threats and the death threats he was making posted regularly on the forum.

-Do you think that was a dishonest thing for seth to do? If true, it really put you in a weird position where you know enough about Niki to catch the email but not enough to know about Tomlinson’s behavior.

I sent you a detailed list about the sexual abuse at the SFWA. How did this fit into your drafts?

I don’t blame you for not knowing, but now that you have clear records of convicted pedophiles all over their ranks and the fundraisers they had for their legal fees and they are funding the lawsuit you’re covering.. how would you have handled that?

Anna stopped replying after this email. It was obvious from her previous emails regarding the “sick puppies” that she knew about the SFWA. I would like for her to continue this conversation with me and clear up what she knew and when.

I emailed Seth Simons with the following message:

The Mole: If you have any comments about what has happened i’ll publish them in my article. See attached:

I didn’t get a reply.

FatCourt4: A Fistful of Rupees

Another Wisconsin hearing came up, they waste half the video talking about the KiwiFarms lawyer Barnes who’s not even supposed to be there today. Brinton says the case depends on the California Quash and the WI date is extended

Soon after, the California hearing occurred:

FatCourt5: For a Few Rupees More

Patrick Tomlinson’s case depended on this quash failing, but it succeeded. Patrick’s lawyer performed very poorly and was even scolded by the judge. His argument appeared to show a fundamental misunderstanding of what freedom of speech means and what internet privacy laws are.

Patrick Tomlinson was ordered to repay Quasi101’s legal fee’s in full:

Tomlinson could soon see himself owing Quasi101 even more money, as he also subpoenaed Google. There are also more court dates coming up in Wisconsin.

I will continue to report on the fallout of ApostleGate in the near future, with the next scheduled update pending this court date.

01-20-202211:00 amMilwaukee County Courthouse – Room 500Status conferenceCourtAshley-33, Carl

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