Bomb Threats and Outstanding Debts


When we last left off, Patrick Tomlinson was ordered to pay Quasi’s legal fees for the quash in California. He continued to deny this existed, until he admitted it in a multi part tweet. The case had been voluntarily dismissed, a big win for onaforums.net and a financial loss of over 100 thousand dollars for Patrick his and funders.


Patrick himself is responsible for the resulting awarded legal fees and now owes Quasi $23,739.25 plus 10% interest annually

The losses were not over, Tomlinson’s attorney Brinton Resto also filed a subpoena to Google requesting information about the owner of onaforums. This was filed in Santa Clara, California Case: 21CV378468 The Google quash case went uncontested and Patrick Tomlinson lost another $11,032.00. The total owed is now $36,374.94 with interest.

Debtor Patrick Tomlinson has so far refused to pay, despite getting a significant amount of free money via PPP loans. A judgement lien was filed with number U210111716821 for Patrick Tomlinson on 12/20/2021. This was filed by a collections attorney, Jerry Jen

During the ongoing court proceedings, Tomlinson’s behavior has been violent and unhinged. He seems to have no clear understanding of harassment laws and replies to every single text, tweet, reddit post or anything he can find mentioning himself. One of Tomlinson’s clear misunderstandings of the law is use of the following message of “You are mentally ill, stalker” which he believes is a cease and desist order.

Generally, someone claiming harassment would be allowed to send one message such as “please do not contact me again” and then never respond. If they do respond, it becomes difficult if not impossible to pursue a case of harassment because a judge must look at both side’s activity. Tomlinson uses this idea incorrectly, instead attempting to use it as a method of intimidation in itself by claiming there are felonies being committed and there will be arrests made.

Additionally, Tomlinson will continue to have entire conversations with people after he has told them not to contact him anymore. He will often use threats of arrest, criminal charges and even death threats. It is not uncommon for a response to include things like “your life is coming to and end”, “you will be neutralized” and even telling people that his wife Niki will murder them. He has become significantly more violent since it was revealed he was in remedial education in high school and graduated with a 1.7GPA.

Additionally, he has left voicemails saying “when I find them, they’re dead” and during the Josiah Tapes he said that onaforums members should be executed.

Gonzo Report William Tetley

This language extended to the several conventions that Tomlinson goes to per year, where similar threats of arrest, neutralization and trespassing were often made. Despite this, brave reporter William Tetley went into WorldCon to share with us scenes from the inside.

Onaforums also got a shoutout at Confusion MI

The Nadolski Case

Tomlinson saw himself back in court in between his existing lawsuits on a restraining order case.

Mr.Nadolski texted Tomlinson expressing his disagreement with his views, along with his drivers license as proof he was real.Tomlinson immediately responded by doxxing him on twitter, claiming he was “tossed from the bar”. However, this doesn’t align with the court recordings or the large tip that was left on Nadolski’s bill.

Tomlinson responded by challenging Nadolski to a fight, he accepted and drove to Hooligans. When the challenger was not at the bar, Nadolski got some drinks, tipped well and left. Hooligans took photos of Nadolski’s payment information and sent it to Patrick, leading to this case.

The judge agreed that Tomlinson had indeed instigated the fight and dismissed the filing.

Patrick Tomlinson VS Andrew Nadolski: Request of Restraining Order

As the judge in the Nadolski case pointed out, the charge of harassment is a two way street. Patrick Tomlinson is certainly no stranger to sending threats and it came back to bite him.

During the hearing, Tomlinson notes that he had blocked Nadolski, but later in the hearing it’s noted that Tomlinson was texting well after this. If the number was indeed blocked, it means that Tomlinson was accessing his blocked list to reply to texts. This follows his behavior on twitter where he will often block, reply then block again.

You can hear Andrew’s own comments about this case on Nice Podcast Stupid, Episode #6


The item that we immediately came away with was a channel to communicate to a dedicated Goodreads representative on behalf of SFWA members. Members who are being targetted may contact the SFWA rep at [email protected].


Mary Kowal herself wrote and signed off on this, removing all doubt that she was personally involved with Patrick Tomlinson’s interactions with the SFWA. In her announcement, she admits that GoodReads has allowed for SFWA members to have the ability to manipulate reviews by getting their reports prioritized. This was exploited by Patrick Tomlinson to artificially inflate his reviews. Tomlinson tweeted for people to give his book 5 stars, then exploited the SFWA login to remove all negative reviews. They even admit to it openly:


Kowal claims “If readers lose their faith with the site because of false reviews, that’s a problem for all of us.” However, her actions of helping allow authors to manipulate their own ratings seem to paint a very different picture of her intentions.

In addition to the SFWA’s anti troll division, There is also a “Grievance committee” that helps decide who gets legal funding.

The SFWA intentionally gives an incomplete list of names. You never know who’s really calling the shots when “Various shadow Griefers” are allowed control of allocated funds.

Many higher ranking members have highly personal motivations for wanting to pursue and attack onaforums. Paul Weimer personally followed Patrick Tomlinson around reddit just so he could file DMCA claims. Weimer was also exposed by onaforums to have a flickr account containing upskirt and bathtub photos he took of an 8 year old girl. Cat Rambo has posted about onaforums on twitter several times and blamed the forums for her father’s obituaries being locked. Adam Rakunas is a personal friend of Tomlinson and is currently the secretary.


The SFWA is more about infighting than creativity. Even the Grand Master of this year’s nebula award, Mercedes Lackey was forced into an apology tour before they let her have an award. What was the crime that caused such an uproar, that Mercedes claimed in her apology “caused pain and distress”?

Lackey dared to commit wrong think on two occasions in 2003 and 2017. She voiced a differing opinion of the idea of using gender pronouns to label yourself. This cannot be allowed in a group like the SFWA, an organization that has less and less to do with science fiction writing as the years pass.

Lackey’s gender pronoun offense was enough to endanger her award as Grand Master, but does the SFWA hold these standards fairly and across all members? Listed on the official site for the Nebula Awards is 30th SFWA Grand Master and NAMBLA advocate Samuel Delaney.


Despite all this being well known within the community, Incoming SFWA president Stephen Gould and sitting president John Scalzi didn’t see that as an issue and approved the nomination of a pedophilia advocate. This behavior of allowing pedophile culture is spread across the senior ranks of the SFWA, including presidents and other Grand Masters.

“[T]here’s a part of me…who can understand why those men could rationalize a) not immediately acting
in the interests of a child being raped, b) not immediately going to the police, c) doing only the minimum
legal requirements, d) acting to keep from exposing their organization to a scandal. But here’s the thing:
that part of me? That part of me is a coward.” – John Scalzi, Rape Fiction Author

Many senior members also vocally defended multi-convicted sex offender Edward Kramer, Co Founder of DragonCon

Ed Kramer is one of the kindest, gentlest, most thoughtful people I know — and one of the greatest editors ever in the horror-fiction field. I’m absolutely personally convinced of his innocence, and have invited him to come stay at my home for a visit as soon as this ordeal is over.

I keep harking back to the old Vicki Lawrence song “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia.” To think that in the 21st century lyrics such as this would still ring true about justice in that state: Don’t trust your soul to no backwoods Southern lawyer / ‘Cause the judge in the town’s got bloodstains on his hands.

The district attorneys and judges involved should be ashamed of themselves; what they’ve done to Ed Kramer is on a par with what Mike Nifong did to those lacrosse players in Durham, and they should pay the same penalty. Even if one — mistakenly — believes that Ed might be guilty of something, that he’s being denied the chance to prove his innocence is reprehensible.
Robert J. Sawyer (SFWA member, SFWA Board of Director, Hugo winner)

My wife and kids and I have known Ed for decades. We attended DragonCon in those days when Ed still ran it and knew Ed socially and business-wise beyond the scope of DragonCon. Ed is a fine man. Without beating around the bush, Sharon and I would have trusted our kids around Ed any day of the week. We have five grandchildren and I’d not hesitate a moment to ask Ed to babysit. Ed has gotten a raw deal, his freedom stolen from him without benefit of due process. Terrorists get better treatment than Ed.
Free Ed!
“ SFWA member Jerry Ahern

These members thought so highly of this pedophile, they set up a website with the quotes above, with intentions to free him


The exact opposite of all these claims is true, Ed Kramer was only given house arrest for the molestation of multiple victims because he claimed he was “disabled and Jewish” and the prison could not accommodate his medical and religious needs.

Some of these comments about letting a convicted pedophile babysit your child would be disturbing to most, however this is accepted in the culture of these circles. Ed Kramer (DragonCon Cofounder) used to walk around with a harem of little boys that the called “Kramer’s Kids”. None of this was secret to members who had been around for a while, just as President Scalzi and Gould knew about Delaney’s history.

The SciFi community has had problems with pedophiles for many years and the SFWA has not only refused to address the problem but promoted a culture that encourages it.

“Samuel Delany is amazing. Moments in his writing blow me away, make me stop and marvel how he’s constructed them. He awes me with his virtuosity and courage in writing.”Cat Rambo

Pictured: NAMBLA enthusiast Samuel Delaney (far left) Cat Rambo (Right, pink hair)

Former SFWA President Cat Rambo’s dishonest deflection of this question to instead attack Donald Trump is very telling about how she feels what should be done: nothing. As a personal friend of a NAMBLA advocate, Cat Rambo knows better than most people of the history of pedophilia in scifi and the endless examples. Grandmaster Issac Asimov’s son David was running a child pornography production center with his father’s equipment and money. The rumors of Issac himself have been around for many years. Grand Master Author C. Clarke spoke of sex being ok as soon as the child shows signs of puberty. L. Ron Hubbard kept children on his houseboat. Despite all this and much more going on today, she would rather lean heavily into politics instead of the very organization she makes key decisions for.

The story Cat Rambo was talking about here is the one of Moria Greyland, daughter of famous authors Marion Zimmer Bradley and Walter Breen. Dating back to the 1940’s the couple independently pursed interests in pedophilia. Marion wrote books about the molestation of young boys and in 1954, Walter got his first child molestation conviction. The SciFi community became publicly aware of Breen’s child molestation in the “seacon” scandal where he had molested a number of children at popular scifi cons, sometimes with the parents present.

Still, this wasn’t enough to see him ejected and with his marriage to Marion Bradley in 1964 he was a well known figure in the community. Walter and Marion published their pro pedophilia ideas including one called “an academic defense of man boy love”

Despite all this in 1985 Walter Breen was still molesting children at conventions and babysitting other community member’s children. Mary Mason had to resign from Worldcon because Breen’s own daughter Moria told authorities that her father was molesting Mary’s son Ken. Worldcon’s only reaction to date was to ban Breen for one day. With Ken’s molestation now public, Breen was arrested and it came out that Marion Bradley and Walter breen had both molested their daughter and two sons. They forced them into sexual acts with others in order to raise them with accordance to their pedophilic ideals that they had openly lived out in the scifi community since the 1940s.

Despite all this, the SFWA still honored Marion and Walter well into their deaths. Walter died in prison in 1993, Marion died in 1999.

The SFWA claims that it is against sexual assault, going out of their way to make announcements to accommodate victims and make safe spaces at conventions. However, a long standing history of abuse and pedophilia are undeniable in scifi and their own former president dismisses it to discuss Donald Trump. This isn’t even supposed to be a political organization.

How can you believe the SFWA concern for abuse victims is genuine when you can find their own Grand Masters on the NAMBLA website?

How can the SFWA continue to directly support someone like Patrick Tomlinson, who advocates using rape as a method of punishment?

Tomlinson claimed his case already cost over $100,000 in 6 months, nearly half of the SFWA’s grants since 2014. The amount spent on his case is likely far bigger today.

Because of Tomlinson, the SFWA now finds itself in the middle of a legal battle with onaforums. Tomlinson has admitted he works with the SFWA in a TIME article. He admitted an organization he belongs too now paid over $100,000 in legal fees in the Josiah Tapes. Finally, Patrick mentions working with the SFWA to combat trolls on “Strictly Stalking” It is not a well kept secret that the SFWA funded Patrick Tomlinson’s lawsuit. This aside, Tomlinson is now a judgement debtor and Quasi has the legal right to pursue his financial information in order to seek payment.

On 3/7/2022, a request for disclosure of financial records was sent to the SFWA by attorney Jerry Jen. It was opposed by the SFWA, who’s evidence included bogus claims such as “The only person who could have recorded court proceedings was the petitioner”

The claim that Petitioner is the only one that could have recorded the video is obviously wrong, the court allowed people to view openly.

Sohn also decided to feature the “SWFA VICTIMS UNIT” video

Once again Sohn has no grasp on what the evidence he is submitting contains, as the SFWA VICTIMS UNIT contains video of convicted pedophiles such as Walter Breen, Ed Kramer and Peter Bright. These are all people who were convicted by the state judicial system, not the court of public opinion. What inaccuracy Sohn was referring too we may never know, as he probably doesn’t know either.

The first date for the SFWA case was on May 19th,2022. The issue was not resolved, so the next hearing is now scheduled for June 6th,2022. You can keep track of progress here.

The Bomb Threat


Patrick claims that during Pengicon, there was a bomb threat that the local PD was made aware of. He continues to say that due to the nature of the threat, the FBI was made involved. Patrick clarified more details about the event in these texts to onaforums users

The idea of a bomb threat being called in, prompting a local PD/FBI response and alerting the hotel seemed highly suspect. There was a con going on, where was the evacuation? Where were the tweets about the threats from con attendees? It was decided that an independent journalist would need to do some digging and find out the truth. First, a call was placed to the Con’s event location.

The hotel made it very clear they were not aware of any bomb threats. They seemed annoyed that Tomlinson would say such a thing, even mentioning talking to the police about his claims. So far, the story was not checking out at all. A second call was placed to the assistant conchair, Lithie Dubois.

Lithie assured the caller that they had a very nice con with no evacuations or anything. Tomlinson’s story had completely fallen apart at this point, so Tomlinson was asked about the details.

There doesn’t seem to be much else to explore with these claims. It’s my opinion that Tomlinson hoaxed this bomb threat in an effort to bolster his case and/or social standing.

Shortly before the release of ApostleGate6, someone calling themselves “The IEDDIT 2356 FUGITIVE” made an announcement on ieddit. They claimed to have stolen SFWA information from the desk of former president Mary Kowal. The fugitive made multiple posts asking for people to come and find him and stressed that he liked healthy eating at the pita pit.

Once the fugitive was found, he posted the files he claimed to have stolen. Inside were 2356 names, all full rosters of SFWA members.

In 7, we will cover the fallout of Seth Simons articles, Cris Italia, the results of further court cases and more.

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