Chapter 4: The Idaho Comedy Fest Conspiracy

  • Patrick spies on Jon Del Arroz
  • Seth finds out that Legion of Skanks, Cumtown, Revenge of the Cis and Dani Zoldan have all conspired with Onaforums
The New Republic and Seth Simons made no effort to contact me after the release of chapter 1.

The mole expressed some concerns over Patrick’s lawsuit to Seth Simons:There is still a lot of time even before the next case, but Patrick does have some serious roadblocks that could come in to play. Kiwi farms already has filed to quash the court order, Onaforums has lawyers, and on top of that there are anti-slapp laws and section 230 that protect these people.This could drag on for many more months with no activity, it could end with the names not even being released because of judge ashley’s in house order during the last meeting. If he has a way to bypass these things I would love to hear it, but when Brinton Resto was surprised that he had gotten motions against him and called it “good gamesmenship”, then told the judge that they “think all the people are in wisconsin” which isn’t true, I knew that this case wasn’t exactly already in the bag.I haven’t discussed this with Patrick because I don’t want him thinking i’m against him, but if Canyon is named I don’t even know how we would see it. The judge would see he isn’t in state and dismiss it for venue and the names are court sealed.I do hope none of that matters, that i’m wrong, but i’m not so sure. His lawyer should have never have said they are all in wisconsin. Honestly, that’s my single biggest problem with this right now.My long rant aside though, what critera do you have for having enough to call him out? If you need him to talk more, maybe I can help.

Seth replied: Pretty much I just need him to make more specific reference to my other communications with him. If I out him based on the phone call/voicemail to a number you gave me which isn’t publicly listed anywhere, and someone says “well how do you know this isn’t an elaborate honeytrap and your mole is SpaceEdge trying to bait you into discrediting yourself and getting sued,” it won’t be enough for me to make the logical case that would be totally insane — I gotta have concrete results from publicly listed contact info / him referring to stuff you wouldn’t know about, which tbh is why I’ve been a bit audacious in my last couple attempts to provoke him and why I don’t know how much more I can do at the moment with exposing myself to a harassment suit. Which I know would theoretically end up nowhere because the truth is on my side, but, I still can’t deal with that shit right now.

The mole continued to discuss Anthony Cumia with Seth, when out of nowhere Seth posted this.

This was a screenshot that could have only have been gotten with the stolen login or by the mole. Seth had just blown having access to everyone without even consulting the mole and Pat just went with it.If I wasn’t fake, I would have been outed to all the forums by this and they didn’t care at all.The mole emailed Seth to inform him he still had access after Seth’s post and that he would like to expose Canyon Boykin before it’s too late.

Seth replied:The thing is the same considerations apply to announcing it on, like, Twitter versus an article. Liability issues aside, I think it would only hurt us to go public while there’s still reasonable doubt/plausible deniability. With Italia at least there was a body of posts we could compare with Toxic’s, references to my interactions with him, etc. Unless Canyon’s phone number turns up somewhere, the evidence with him is still too thin.I’ll see if Anna or someone else might be willing to reach out to Canyon in some form and bait him into posting about it. I think she was planning to publish her story without a byline so she might not want to put her name out there, but still worth checking I guess. In any case for safety reasons I want to hold off until after next weekend. That tweet the other day was a regrettable anger-driven impulse, but I’ll stop posting about them too. (Also, come on, it’s wack that three months after I literally said in the New Republic I had eyes on the inside, they’re still so shocked to find out I have eyes on the inside.) Barring all that: I shouldn’t speak out of turn, but I really do have confidence the lawsuit will take us over the finish line here.

Seth had shown his hand out of “a regrettable anger-driven impulse.”The “DEBUG” login bug had quit working as the site was updated anyway, but the mole didn’t say that.

I wrote:It’s understandable to get mad about it with all the shit they pull. The reason why they were so surprised is because that wasn’t just a screenshot of the secret forums, it was the super secret forums “the alamo”, I don’t even have access there without the debug login. It’s the top.Even if the case goes well, I doubt it has an effect on Boykin. Here is a guy who has the lawyer connection to beat a murder charge and he lives in an anti-slapp state, on top of that i’ve seen him showing people how to use highly anon operating systems like tails and cubesos.My worry is that with the big crackdown happening right now, we just may not have the same edge as we do now in nearly 5 months when the lawsuit happens. I think there is only 1 guy on the entire forum that’s actually in wisconsin, and I’m not even sure, he could have just drove by Patrick’s house.Let’s say they get the IP’s of everyone who posted on that funeral page, right? It still wouldn’t matter to SpaceEdge because his IP is probably some node in stockholm.I’m sure there are some who posted on

their own IP, but not him.

Seth wrote:Fair concern, and one I’ve been thinking about too. I can’t speak to the legal strategy in detail but I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that more avenues are being pursued than have been discussed publicly; after all, Pat and his team know the forum is watching. I also highly suspect that if SpaceEdge was careless enough to let slip his identity the one time you found out about, he’s probably been careless other times as well. The posts you’ve sent me suggest he certainly considers it plausible that I got his identity from IP records; if his opsec was airtight, I think he’d have said so instead of clamming up. And it seems probable that as other users are (eventually, hypothetically) unmasked, chaos will ensue, and some will be willing to turn on others, which may help us as well. Regardless, nothing changes the calculus on my end, which is that I’d be shooting myself in the foot by going public about Canyon without anything more solid. Granted my brain is mush these days, but I’m having trouble thinking of a new strategy, other than just, I don’t know, laying low for a few weeks and then emailing/calling Memree again. You got any ideas? (Also, not to get too ~political~ here, but I bet the charge getting dropped was less a result of his lawyer being particularly talented than of broader systemic difficulties involved in prosecuting cops. And he was probably represented by a police union lawyer in that case anyhow) Oh I just looked up the lawyer in that case and he’s in private practice, though it looks like he has a history of defending cops — I’d still put money on the union covering it. anyway!

The Idaho Comedy Fest was drawing closer and Seth was trying harder and harder to identify Canyon Boykin. He emailed the mole about hiring a private investigator:

Seth:Roger all that, thanks. I still want to wait until after the festival to do this, but I’m now thinking one move I can make to bait him, while hopefully avoiding the harassment issue, is to hire an independent fact-checker to reach out and ask him to confirm various posts/details/biographical info. I’m kind of loathe to put anyone else in his crosshairs but hopefully I can find someone who’d be willing to take the risk, maybe using a pseudonym.I might also try sending him snail mail, but I gotta get more solid confirmation on his address first — his wife’s Facebook posts are all tagged in Mississippi, so I think that Millport Alabama address may not be current. Unless she’s in on his opsec too…

I replied:I’m not really sure, I’ve never even seen his wife’s facebook. Do you think he may do something differently if you had someone else contact him?

Seth wrote:I don’t know if he will, but I figure it can’t hurt to create more opportunities for him to slip up. Having someone else reach out might appear to heighten the stakes for him and make it seem like I’m actually going forward soon with another article. And if he doesn’t post about it but the fact-checker starts mysteriously getting calls from blocked numbers (as I’ve started getting again since I reached out to Canyon), that’d probably be just as helpful.There was a fake “Idaho Comedy Fest” recruitment thread and DM thread going on OnAForums. The mole informed Seth he had gained access

I wrote:you’re getting calls again? Did they leave any messages, especially a robotic voice message?Good news, I got in the chat for the idaho comedy fest. It’s called “sethfest road crew”.

Seth replied:Yeah, calls from blocked numbers and texts from Idaho-area codes (do they think I’ll be fooled into thinking it’s someone I know?). I have my voicemail deactivated so thankfully nothing gets through.Damn, good job. (Lips are sealed of course.) Ugh, I almost want to cancel my plans to get out of town that weekend and just stake out the hotel, but I guess it would be stupid to expect they’ll identify themselves in the lobby as onaforums users. Let’s check in on the 19th, if they announce any plans in the chat I’ll still be around that night to get a glimpse. Any other clues in there about ChicopeeChip’s identity, other than that they know Dani?they’re not even impersonating anyone — it’s all your standard “hey sex pest why do you rape” stuff. it’s just from an idaho area code, so i’m like… what is the thought process behind spoofing a local area code, do you guys think i wouldn’t open the text otherwise?

I replied:Have you read much into the locations it’s going on in? I guess it’s one big place, then they will have smaller shows at places all over town. There is a message in the private chat right now that says:Happy Friday, faggots. We’re under a fuckin week away from SethFest!! I shit you not I just got off a Zoom call with Dani Z and this shit’s gonna be wild. A few of the comics have a VIP event on Wed 5/19. If you’re gonna be in town early, PM me your details and I’ll get you on the list. They attached a screenshot of a bar named hooligans (they think it’s a funny patrick joke) it’s located at 10704 W Overland Rd, Boise, ID 83709–1329 The bar is about 10 minutes from the main location “lounge at the edge of the universe”, could be a first meeting place but it could also just be a place they are planning to go later

Seth wrote:Yeah, I think all the shows are in the main location, which I guess has multiple stages (and, to my amusement, is in a very annoying/inconvenient part of town). The website mentions satellite events but I haven’t seen anything else about those yet. Gooood to know re: Hooligan’s.

The mole sent Seth a text log:Have we finally cleaned this shithole up So what do you guys think about the talk we had about the mole? With D (Dani Zoldan) asking us about it, AB (Aaron Berg) using it to be hesitant…feels like people are starting to think we’re amateurs. We’re losing the respect from the heavy hittersI guess what I’m saying is what do we do? What are people hearing? And how bad do we look right now?It’s damage control time, gentsEven the LoS chat kept asking people they knew were brothermen about the mole. It’s only funny to a point, then we look like assholes, and not the good kind.I’m still at a loss as to why someone would go to all this effort and risk to help such an irredeemable piece of shit.I still can’t believe that shit with berg. Im glad they didn’t blame usWhat went down with AB? (Aaron Berg)All I heard is that he didn’t do all the gig/didnt show or somethingHe didn’t, we were told he was trying to back out early saying he was worried about being “associated” with groups that were attending, chip knows more than meOk so here’s what I heard… sounds like he ended up telling Dani Z(Dani Zoldan) that he was worried about the articles coming out. But he also let it slip that Old Man Cumia had gotten to him and said that he didn’t want any Seth bullshit for the upcoming tour. I mean I get it, but still gay if that’s how it went down.So someone must’ve got to Anthony telling him Pests and Seth would be in same place. How he got that info, I have no idea… but it was Anthony who pushed him to bail.This is all secondhand knowledge. Dani was sort of tight lipped which isnt usually like him. I assume he’s trying to cover for AB and other comedy guys so they don’t blow any gigsEven though I have no respect for “family man” Berg because he fucks on the road, that is disappointing

Seth replied:Huh. This is all really interesting. I don’t know anything about the tour, but I also haven’t really been paying attention to Cumia for a bit. Could be the “Comedians of Compound” group that’s been doing shows around the country, I guess. In my post about the comedy fest last week I said I didn’t have eyes into their specific plans, just that I knew they were coming to it — hoping it might throw them off the trail. I’ll keep mum about it for a while too, make it seem like I don’t have access anymore.

The mole informed Seth that there was a Q&A with Jon Del Arroz being set up and that OnAforums and the Legion of Skanks had worked together to troll him.

Seth replied:wow. they really owned me by having two or three people tweet “did you kill alia janine” at me. jesusis this in any higher-level thread than they already know I have eyes into? in case I ever want to present evidence that Zoldan is knowingly coordinating with these people

I replied:Mersh is Revenge Of the Cis podcast and Nick Mullen is the Cumtown podcast. Mersh already did a segment on the forums and the article, I don’t know about cumtown.

Seth wrote:Interesting. This is from the secret forum? Seems like Nick/VoodooChild hasn’t posted in public, at least not under that name. Cum Town’s talked about it a few times, including one in March when Nick accused me of PPP fraud.I might send this to Anna, who last I checked in said her editor wanted her to hold off as the case proceeds. Hard evidence that Mullen’s still active adds a new dimension to things.

I replied:I’ve only seen him around in public when he helped organize the jon del arroz interview. It was SpaceEdge/Voodoochild that ran it from what I seen.It’s the secret forum, but it’s not the highest one. That one doesn’t seem to work correctly right now and i’m not sure if Nick even has access to it. So it’s fine to share, there are over 50 people there. PPP fraud is one of the main lines they use on you at onaforums, might be where some of that’s coming from. I don’t have access to the cumtown forums, I tried but there is no registrations open.

Seth replied:Got it, thanks. I’m in Cum Town forums (got in there back when they also doxxed me in February) and it’s pretty much more of the same. Mind keeping your eye on VoodooChild? Anything vaguely identifying that he posts could be super useful.

The mole turned to Patrick S. Tomlinson on June 16 and sent over a link from OnAForums, to which Patrick replied: I can’t access the forum since it went private.

This turned out to be a lie, as later Patrick would say he saw the forums in late May.

It’s very possible Patrick made each of these posts himself.

Already knowing Patrick was lying, the mole sent over screenshots

I wrote:Mersh is Revenge Of the Cis podcast and Nick Mullen is the Cumtown podcast. Mersh already did a segment on the forums and the article, I don’t know about cumtown.

Patrick replied:These fucking lunatics. They’ve decided all by themselves that I vandalized my own home and bike, made sockpuppet accounts on their forums to threaten myself, and emailed myself threatening messages. They’re certifiable.

I replied:It’s functioning a lot like a cult. The leaders decide what the narrative will be and the rest slowly start repeating it like fact. These people are dangerous.Those two podcasts have a fairly large following, no doubt the plan is to start spreading the rumor that you destroyed your own property. Both of these podcasts have already talked about Seth Simons a few times too.Was the video you got of them writing on your stuff useable? Something good enough for the police?Here is more on Jon Del Arroz: So it seems that Nick Mullen helped organize the Arroz Q&A, which makes me wonder what’s going on with the cumtown forums. Sadly I don’t have an account there and registrations are locked.

Patrick wrote:It’s been a cult for a long time. All evidence has been long turned over to the police and it absolutely disproves any claim I vandalized my own property.

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