Chapter 3: Dishonest Reporting and Questionable Methods

  • Patrick submits stolen evidence
  • Seth calls Canyon Boykin
  • Seth calls every Rahul Kumar in the NY area and leaves voicemails
  • Seth begins planning for Idaho Comedy Fest
It’s not honest to delete your social media before publishing hit pieces

While Seth continued to chase his leads, Patrick had some important questions for the mole. His first case hearing was coming up and he was concerned that someone would embarrass him live, as they had done in his traffic court zoom trial.

Patrick wrote:Need some insight into this: I want to know what their plans are for the virtual hearing…

I replied:Yeah whats being said there is true, they were going over the ways to watch and if they could get in. I would imagine if they can be there, they will.I don’t see anything beyond how to observe.Disruptions and such is probably person by person, who gets in and who doesn’t, ect. They didn’t seem very scared to disrupt a wisconsin court last time.

Patrick replied:That was a traffic ticket. This is a hearing in the lawsuit against them, personally, for harassment and stalking. The judge will not be impressed.

I replied:Well, hopefully whatever happens the judge will see them for what they are. I’m hoping you will be able to do something that actually makes an impact on them, Seth couldn’t release names because of the news format, but you have a chance to really go after them personally. Good luck tomorrow.

Patrick continued to gather evidence from me to give to his lawyer.

Patrick emailed:Any luck with CarolMaxheinie? This is important. Do you have any screenshots that confirm the doxx of Quasi101? We need direct evidence before moving against him.

I replied:Carol progress is moving slowly. It took days for me to get an email back, but if its there ill have it soon.. One more tidbit of information could also give me enough.As far as quasi goes, i should have what you’re looking for and it might not even all be old. I’ve shared this with seth, but I would appreciate you keeping quiet about it because it’s sensitive.. When quasi wiped information following seths article, he corrupted the database and fixed it wrong. I’ve got a friend who is a systems analyst and he is supposed to lay out what he found when i get home from the business tripIm on. From what I know so far, this could be big and expose tons of information, even private messages.When I get home i will start fowarding information to you, i also have old info like his repair business being leaked.

Patrick wrote:That’s exactly the sort of thing we need. I look forward to seeing it.

I wrote:Hey I got home a few hours ago, i’ve got some pretty big news about onaforums but first here is what you were asking about, one of the times quasi’s address leaked.

I discovered a new bug in the Vbulletin software that I noticed would work on the site. I made up a story of how “the mole” had found it and sent the same story to Patrick and Seth.

I wrote to Seth:My friend was able to show me just how broken that website is, it’s way more than I knew. Here is one of the things he showed me[] so this is supposed to be a debug page, but because of how it’s messed up you can get to it and use it.So type in this string “ajax/api/hook/getHookList” this will give you an error.. take a look at it and you will seeUSERNAME DEBUG and”©pPASSWORD:Sha256:d9dbeb28984b8cfbbee91cda2e51553d859ebbb2c2717dfa30ec13092e2ef9ac” this is a code string that says the name and password of a test/debug account, “debug” and below password d9dbeb28984b8cfbbee91cda2e51553d859ebbb2c2717dfa30ec13092e2ef9ac so all we have to do is take that hashed password to[] and enter the string.. the username is debug and the password is decentralizing4.. this account has been used to debug the highest level verified forum, i’ve never even seen it before. My friend says that there is no iplogging (probably to protect themselves) so logging into it shouldn’t be an issue.Only you and Patrick know about this right now, but I don’t think logging in with multiple people will be an issue at all.

I shared the exploit without the knowledge of any other members, however I did tell most of them I was going to send screenshots of the hidden forum the bug allowed access too. This forum was called “Sues Alamo.”Patrick started using the leak as soon as I informed him.

Patrick emailed:This is very interesting. I will use it sparingly.

Seth informed me later:I’m holding off on poking around myself til Pat hears from his lawyers about whether we’re exposing ourselves legally by using the login.

Patrick forwarded everything to his lawyers about the logins, according to Seth.

Patrick:Is it possible to get that screenshot of Quasi’s doxx picture with the url in frame?

I replied:Well that photo was recovered through the internal storage of the site, i may be able to get a dead url but there isn’t anything I could screenshot. I would need to ask about url and get back to you

Patrick:Gotcha. My lawyers asked so I passed the question along. If you can find the dead url that might still be useful but I wouldn’t sweat it too much.I sent over some of the comments user SpaceEdge had posted in Sue’s Alamo, detailing his identity as Canyon Boykin and his time on the police force.

Patrick wrote:Wait, did he get hired onto another force?

I replied:I’m not sure. I don’t think there is anything preventing him since the charges were dropped, many fired cops do get rehired by a different agency. I’ve always been suspicious about just how he is able to dox people with that kind of speed and accuracy.

Patrick:It would explain the doxxing info, and his ironclad belief he’ll never face legal consequences. Thanks. And the original posts that outed his identity as Canyon Boykin? That part never made sense to me. Some sort of lover’s spat between him and Carrol Maxheine? But I thought Carrol was a gay man…

I replied:Yeah, I thought carol was a girl at first but now i’m pretty sure it’s a gay man. So what happened is that he(Canyon Boykin) was having some sort of homosexual relationship with Carol, then was flirty with a girl there named RobertMewler, carol got mad about it and they had an arguement on the now defunct “ona live chat” which was a chat dialog on the website. In that conversation Canyon’s gamertag was leaked that was also connected to social media. It all got deleted pretty quick (I may be able to find the chat access point for you, but it’s empty now)I don’t know the status of the relationships now, but I’ve never seen them fight in public again. I think it may have to do with it being a more private gay relationship. It’s my fault that it was reported as two women, I told seth that but at the time I really thought it was a girl doing a joke. These people have a relationship with eachother that extends far beyond what i’ve been able to read, they knew eachother on reddit before you were even a topic.Patrick continued to ask about Canyon’s identity and his leaked gamertag, and I just pretended I wasn’t able to get a solid lead.

Patrick said:If the ID is accurate, Canyon was only let off the hook for manslaughter last May. He’s married with four kids, and he sued Columbus, MO and won an undisclosed settlement after they fired him in the wake of the Ricky Ball shooting for racist and sexist social media posts back in 2015. I gotta admit, his back story would explain a lot of his absolutely insane behavior.

I took this text from “sues alamo”, in a post I told users I would be taking screenshots of. I don’t know 100% if Quasi101 actually posted this, as I know there were site issues at the time.I was sure to only send this text log with no links or screenshots so Patrick would have to login to get them himself. Sure enough, screenshots of this post appeared in Patrick’s lawsuit. That means Patrick used the bug to get evidence and submitted it in court.


03–21–2021, 07:31 AM

Nothing is 100 percent. Buts it’s as close as possible. I don’t log ips so I can’t be sure, but you’ve all been around since the reddit days. I have all the archives so I know you are who you say. Especially after about 1.5 years here running the forums. everyone has changed their passwords since the hack and it’s sha256 anyway even if it were leaked. You should all be using vpns regardless, as I’ve said countless times.

*All my shit is anonymous the stuff I say in lit crit is BS. Of course I never registered this domain with my real name lmao. I found some real name and info of some dude in tech. Fatso will probably try to sue him lmao.

Patrick replied:So are you any less confident of the Rahul Kumar ID, then?

I wrote:I saw how quickly he freaked and deleted the thread when that name was shown. Quasi seems like a smart guy, he had time to prepare with the hosting names. I don’t really doubt that Rahul has something to do with this.That opens up an interesting angle. If he did fake the name on the registration info, you could get onaforums shut down because he faked it.Aliases are not allowed. You should know soon, right? this is being posted everywhere the meantime, other users had found out that Niki Robinson cheated on her taxes, and the mole was getting some answers of his own from Patrick.

Patrick wrote:Yeah that was nothing. Misfiled a tax form with the state. Fixed it and owed nothing after review.

I replied:Its none of my business, but ive dealt with misfiles in my own company, the courthouse record didn’t get updated. Even though its fixed on your end it will show up, you should be able to get it fixed quick at the court house

Patrick replied:We don’t care, honestly. It’s fixed with the state Dept of Revenue, and that’s all that matters.Within a few days, they paid off the money they owed the state, thanks to the work of our users.Meanwhile, things were beginning to heat up in Seth’s hunt for Canyon Boykin.

I wrote (to Seth):I’m wondering if you have given much thought of how/when any names will be released? We have been sitting on it for months now. I know Patrick’s trial’s submission date ends 1 week before the trial, so that’s only like a week or so away. What about the possibility that he won’t be able to name anyone, or the trial being dismissed? I’m hoping that’s not what will happen, but we are just sitting on some great ammo against them and only have used 1 name.I contacted Anna some time ago and even did an interview, but I haven’t heard back from her for a while. I’m not sure what she’s going to do.

Seth replied:Yeah, I’ve been thinking about this too. My feeling is I don’t want to drop anything without multiple forms of corroboration, as we had with Cris.Since Anna has a much bigger platform (and is much more experienced) than me I’m reluctant to step on her toes; I want it to happen in a forum where people will pay attention and not get bogged down in meta-arguments about whether I can credibly doxx my harassers as their victim. I would imagine it’s taking a bit on her end because she’s waiting for the judicial proceedings to proceed, and I’m personally comfortable waiting for that to happen because if it goes our way then there won’t be any room for doubt.That said it’s very frustrating having this information in my head and not doing anything with it.I am generally not a hopeful person, but I feel hopeful that patience will pay off here. I’ll check in with Pat/Anna though and see how things are going on their ends.

Seth, a short while later, wrote:Well, my impatience got the best of me and I just called Quasi/Rahul and left him a message. Let’s go back for round two I guess: lemme know if there’s any action on the inside over this?

I replied:******** is the number you used? and you called on the 31st?Seth replied:Yeah, I also called again yesterday and got someone who confirmed their name and then (presumably/expectedly) played dumb when I introduced myself and asked about the forum. Although maybe that just wasn’t the right one — I’m spending the next few days in the Idaho wilderness but next week.I’ll try some of the other numbers associated with New York-based Rahul Kumars.

Seth, :Hm. Based on a conversation I had with Pat’s lawyer I don’t think anyone on his team has contacted Rahul directly, at least not the one I called. I’ll give Boykin a ring next week too.Seth is going around calling random people named Rahul Kumar and demanding they tell him about the forums, with plans to contact Canyon Boykin next.The mole informed Seth that a parody song had come out about him.

Seth responded:I swear it takes all my self-control not to explain to these people that 1. the PPP loan is literally based on the income they think I don’t make and 2. AS THE INFO THEY DOXXED CLEARLY DEMONSTRATES, I DON’T LIVE WITH MY PARENTS also, I didn’t realize right away because he changed the username, but from the other videos this looks to be the song parody account associated with the former ToxicCisWhiteMaleFat. what user posted it? finally: I tried both numbers for Canyon Boykin on and they were both disconnected. do you have any other numbers for him?

I replied:Well, several of them have posted it. This channel is a group of them, it’s not just one guy uploading it. I know Italia posted many of them in the past, but haven’t you met the guy? That can’t be his voice, right? Doesn’t fit his face if it is. You thinking he could still be helping edit songs on an alias? He probably hid his active numbers because of the whole shooting that guy thing. i have ****** and one you didn’t try ****** that’s registered as a cellphone with a 2021 date, but if that doesnt work maybe I can run it on a paid search

I had given Seth a new phone number that a third party representative operated. All messages were to be passed on to the mole. Seth made the call.

SpaceEdge posted the recording of Seth calling him in Sue’s Alamo. Even after this was posted, Seth continued to call on a private number for a week.

Patrick was notified and emailed the mole:Boom.

Now, after already making the call, Seth started asking where I had gotten the number: “Great, thanks. Where’d you get the number, btw?” I assured him I had gotten it much earlier and messed up when I pasted the info the first time. He spent some time trying to verify it, but never could. “Which site? I gotta be able to replicate the search.”Seth had now taken to calling literally every Rahul Kumar in New York.

Seth:In any case, I’ve also left voicemails with a couple other NYC-area Rahul Kumars (and maybe one stranger, given the automated voicemail greeting). Figured if I’m rattling cages, I might as well rattle all of em.

SpaceEdge pretending to freak out that Patrick figured out “he’s Canyon Boykin.”

Seth was now also harassing Canyon Boykin and his family.

Seth wrote:Ahahah, that is some gratifying shit. I do still want to independently confirm the number before I do anything with it, so I’ll keep trying at that. I also finally got through to his wife today and said I was trying to get in touch with him for a story about Opie & Anthony fans — I think she thought I was a scammer, though, so idk if it’s the sort of thing she’d tell him about.

More staged screenshots

Seth wrote:iiiiiiinteresting. it would almost make things easier if he sicced his lawyer on me… but I shouldn’t jinx it lol. anything today?

Threads were being made in the main forum like “we have a mole problem”,“patrick failed to get my information” and “The Accusatorium” were being made and directed at Seth and the mole.

Seth:Roger that. Still striking out on the number. Got another play in mind I might try this week, you’ll know it if you see it.

While waiting on Seth’s play, the mole asked Patrick if he kept logs of anyone that called him. He had not. That seems to be a far cry from his previous claim that every single number was forwarded to the police.

I continued:I’ve mentioned this to seth too, but forcing spaceedge out like he is saying would cripple them. He is the one who does the doxxing, shows other users how to spoof emails/raid sites, all kinds of stuff.They also see him as a sort of top dog, if he goes out by being exposed it will create a ton of fear

Patrick replied:Oh there’s no doubt about that. He’s the capstone. Without him they’re dead in the water.

Patrick once again reached out to the mole with a request:Watch the secret forum close for the next few days. There’s going to be blowback from today’s hearing results

I responded:Right now, most of what’s going on is still in public Here is the rest

Is your lawyer aware of what they have done regarding his sister?

Patrick replied:Oh very aware.

Users on the forums had found out that Patrick’s attorney Brinton Resto’s sister, Betsy Resto had a social media presence.

body like a marshmallow peep

Betsy would often brag on social media about having sex and posted many nearly nude photos, none of which were pleasant to look at.

I wrote to Patrick:Lots of talk about niki’s mom and what happens with her when the case is “Thrown out”. They say she paid for the lawyer.They are trying to find me, set the site private.

Patrick wrote:Nothing, since she’s never paid for anything and the case isn’t getting thrown out.

I replied:Im saying they think so and plan to harass her for it

Patrick:I understand. Just enjoying the fact they’re always wrong about everything and still don’t realize they’re not going to survive this.Screengrabs, please. Speaks to intent and consciousness of guilt.

Before the mole sent screengrabs, Patrick sent this email with pictures that would be included in the lawsuit:This was done at 1:30am while my wife and I slept upstairs. I want to know who did this, and I want them arrested yesterday.

Patrick would not answer the mole on details of these photos.The website once again had an unrelated change where you had to register to view, likely because of bot traffic. The mole took advantage of this and assured Seth that OnAForums was so scared of him, they had locked down the whole website. The mole said that things were getting deleted and people were panicked.

Seth:Huuuh, interesting. Well let’s hold out a bit and see if he mentions anything I said. Inconveniently I’m gonna be on the road today in the vast and mostly reception-less Idaho interior, but I’ll check in whenever I can.

Seth hoped that SpaceEdge would claim that Brinton was giving Seth information:

Damn, I was really banking on the hope that he’d mention I said I was getting info from the lawsuit. I guess I didn’t account for the possibility he’d just tell people privately.

I sent over a new round of screenshots from the “Secret Forums”:

Seth replied:I will never get over these people who fully doxxed my entire family saying I live with my parents or that they have a vacation home, lol.I’m surprised he’s being vague about everything after he already posted a recording of my voicemail, but I guess it tracks that the more he suspects a mole, the less he’d say in bigger groups. I don’t think I have enough to go public about him right now. Which is fine, I think — the lawsuit will do that work eventually anyway, and, uh, I don’t want to poke the bear right before they all come to Boise en masse. Still considering another shot at contacting one of his friends/relatives and seeing if he says anything, but for now I guess let’s just keep our eyes on it. Thanks as always.

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